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Student Course Evaluations

Columbus State University values student opinions of their experiences in courses and with our instructors. Student evaluations are very important to our instructors who use the data to assist them in evaluating and refining the design and delivery of their courses, in addition it is used in their annual performance reviews as part of the materials that document teaching effectiveness. Students who take the time to provide us with this information will help us improve the educational experience of future students.

Students who participate in the evaluation process are encouraged to be open and honest in these evaluations: their identity will be kept private and their instructors will not see the results of this survey until the semester grades are finalized. No identifying information is ever directly connected to the feedback you submit.  In addition, to further protect the anonymity of the responders, faculty only receive the results of course evaluations where there are more than three students enrolled in the class.

All courses will be evaluated using EvaluationKIT.

All course evaluations are scheduled to be completed by the last scheduled class day.  The start date of the evaluation varies by the part of term in which the class is scheduled and may be changed by the faculty member teaching the course.  Individual faculty member can check the scheduled dates by logging into EvaluationKit, choosing the current semester under "Manage Courses" and then selecting the "View" icon.

For information about the course evaluation process you can email Dr. Glenn Stokes, Associate Provost for Faculty and Judicial Affairs or call 706-507-8965.