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Student Course Evaluations

Columbus State University is asking for your opinion of your courses and instructors. Student evaluations are very important to your professors, who use the data in their annual performance reviews, in addition to assisting them in refining the design and delivery of courses. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this information that will help us improve your educational experience.

Please feel that you can be open and honest in these evaluations: your identity will be kept private and your instructor will not see the results of this survey until the semester grades are finalized. No identifying information is ever directly connected to the feedback you submit.

All courses will be evaluated using EvaluationKIT.

For further information regarding when your course will be evaluated, please view the tables below.

Summer 2014 Course Evaluation Schedule
Term Term Start Term End Evaluation Period
Maymester May 19 June 6 May 30-June 6
7 weeks
(Regular June Term)
June 16 July 30 July 16-July 30
Mini I May 27 June 30 June 16-June 30
Mini II July 2 August 5 July 22-August 5
1st Half June Term
(For use with Academic
Partnerships only)
April 28 July 13 June 29-July 13
2nd Half June Term June 23 August 8 July 25-August 8


Fall 2014 Course Evaluation Schedule
Term Term Start Term End Evaluation Period
Regular August 18 December 8 November 24-December 8
1st 1/3 Term August 18 September 22 September 8-September 22
2nd 1/3 Term September 23 October 29 October 15-October 29
3rd 1/3 Term October 30 December 8 November 24-December 8
1st Half Term August 18 October 8 September 24-October 8
2nd Half Term October 15 December 9 November 25-December 9


Spring 2014 Course Evaluation Schedule ***Spring 2015 available soon***
Term Term Start Term End Evaluation Period
Regular January 13 May 5 April 15-May 5
1st 1/3 Term January 13 February 7 February 3-February 17
2nd 1/3 Term February 18 March 31 March 17-March 31
3rd 1/3 Term April 1 May 5 April 21-May 5
1st Half Term January 13 February 28 February 10-February 28
2nd Half Term March 10 May 5 April 21-May 5
2/3rd Term January 13 March 31 March 10-March 31


For any information regarding course evaluations, please contact Academic Affairs at 706-507-8964 or Email: