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1998-1999 Course Descriptions

EDEC - Education, Early Childhood

EDEC 2125. Mathematics for Young Children (3-0-3) EDEC 2125. Mathematics for Young Children (3-0-3) Mathematical concepts, including number systems, operations, number theory, and basic algebra, as applied to young children.

EDEC 2155. Introduction to Early Childhood (2-0-2) Introduction to the early childhood profession and an overview of historical and current trends and programs for young children.

EDEC 2156. Literature for Young Children (2-0-2) Criteria for selection of literature and appropriate activities for the young child.

EDEC 2355. Introduction to Practice in Early Childhood (0-2-1) Introduction to professional practice in settings for young children, birth through grade 5.

EDEC 3155. Assessment in Early Childhood (3-0-3) Prerequisites: EDEC 3256 and Admission to Teacher Education. An examination of formal and informal classroom assessment procedures, methods of action research, and standardized measurement.

EDEC 3255. Creative Activities for Young Children (2-4-4) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. Introduction to the creative process as applied to young children with placement in an appropriate pre-K through grade 1 setting.

EDEC 3256. Curriculum in Early Childhood (2-8-6) Prerequisites: EDEC 3255 and Admission to Teacher Education. Directed participation, development of attitudes and skills for teaching young children, with increased responsibility in planning developmentally appropriate instruction, including infusion of technology into classroom practices.

EDEC 4155. Cognitive and Language Development in Early Childhood (3-0-3) Prerequisite: Admissions to Teacher Education. Language development and cognitive development in children ages birth through fifth grade.

EDEC 4216. Communication Arts in Early Childhood (4-8-8) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. The interrelationships among strategies and concepts for the teaching of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

EDEC 4235. Science in Early Childhood (3-2-4) Prerequisite: Admissions to Teacher Education. Basic concepts in science applied to early childhood education. Curriculum materials, planning and appropriate teaching methodologies for teaching science in the early childhood setting.

EDEC 4245 Teaching Mathematics to Young Children (2-2-3) Prerequisites: Admission to Teacher Education, EDEC 2125, MATH 1101 and MATH 1227. Mathematical knowledge underpinning early childhood mathematics curriculum balanced with knowledge of children's learning of mathematics and instructional strategies and resources. Special emphasis on non-arithmetic topics.

EDEC 4246. Social Studies in a Multicultural Society (2-4-4) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. History, philosophy, principles and guidelines of social science education. Concept formation, skill development and assessments for the young learner. Emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches, field standards, current practices, diversity and technology.

EDEC 6115. Teaching Language Arts in Early Childhood (3-0-3) Advanced study of content, materials and instructional procedures for teaching language arts through grade 5.

EDEC 6116. Writing and the Young Child (3-0-3) A study of writing experiences appropriate for young children through grade 5, together with research on language development pertinent to writing instruction. Focus on writing workshops.

EDEC 6118. Methods and Materials for Teaching Reading in Early Childhood (3-0-3) Advanced study of current theory, materials, and recommended methods of teaching reading in the early childhood years.

EDEC 6125. Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood (3-0-3) An advanced examination of teaching strategies, assessment techniques, curriculum, and resources for sound mathematics in
struction through grades 5.

EDEC 6135. Teaching Science in Early Childhood (3-0-3) Concepts of science appropriate through grade 5. Skills and methods of teaching science to young children through experimentation and discovery.

EDEC 6145. Teaching Social Studies in Early Childhood (3-0-3) Social studies concepts, methodology, resources and assessment techniques. Emphasis on curricula reform, current trends, field based research and projects, technology, and NCSS Standards.

EDEC 6155. Early Childhood in a Contemporary Society (4-0-4) Identification, study and discussion of current issues impacting early childhood education. Use of technology to examine, inform, and communicate.

EDEC 6156. Child Development: Conception to Age 10 (4-0-4) An in-depth study of child development from conception through age 10.

EDEC 6157. Child Care Centers (2-0-2) A comprehensive examination of child care and education models, including extended day, curricula, staffing, management, regulations, accreditation, and design.

EDEC 6158. Infant Education (2-0-2) Research, theory, and developmentally appropriate practices in the education of children, prenatal through age 3, in centers and homes.

EDEC 6159. Creative Teaching in Early Childhood (3-0-3) The creative process applied to young children at home, in the preschool, and in the primary grades. Methods and activities which foster creativity in content and self-development areas.

EDEC 6166. Assessment in Early Childhood (3-0-3) A study of methodologies, instruments, and procedures in assessing young children, their environments, and their programs.

EDEC 6795. Seminar in Early Childhood (2-0-2) In-depth study of historical and contemporary topics in Early Childhood.

EDEC 7126. Issues in Mathematics Education in Early Childhood (3-0-3) Prerequisite: EDEC 6125 or its equivalent. An in-depth examination of issues to the mathematics education of young children.

EDEC 7155. Cognitive Development in Young Children (4-0-4) Constructivism, neuro-anatomical correlates of learning, and selected theories relevant to the cognitive processes of children from conception through age nine.

EDEC 7899. Research in Early Childhood (0-6-3) Prerequisite: Admission to the Ed.S. program. Advanced research investigation under the direction of a major professor and faculty committee.

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