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1998-1999 Course Descriptions

EDUL - Education, Leadership

EDUL 6225. Strategic Leadership (3-2-4) EDUL 6225. Strategic Leadership (3-2-4) Developments, articulation, implementation and stewardship of a vision of learning shared and supported by school community, principles of developing and implementing strategic plans, communication, data strategies and consensus building.

EDUL 6235. Instructional Leadership (3-2-4) Best practices in curriculum development and instructional supervision, including curriculum development process, principles of effective instruction, the change process, clinical supervision, staff development and technology.

EDUL 6245. Organizational Leadership (3-2-4) Theories and models of organizations, the human resource function, and fiscal operations management. Includes principles and issues relating to school facilities and operations.

EDUL 6255. Community Leadership (3-2-4) Collaborating with families, community members and agencies, responding to diverse community needs, and mobilizing community resources.

EDUL 6265. Ethics in Education (3-2-4) Leaders promote success of all students by examination of professional codes of ethics, philosophy and history of education, and various ethical frameworks.

EDUL 6275. Public Policy in Education (3-2-4) Understanding, responding to, and influencing the larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural context; school law and principles of representation governance in American schools.

EDUL 6698. Internship (0-8-4) Prerequisite: Departmental approval. A field experience of 120 hours, includes Ashadowing@ of mentor administrators and written activities, including daily journal of experiences and reflections. (S/U grading.)

EDUL 7698 Specialist Internship (0-8-4) Prerequisite: Departmental approval. Identify, plan and implement a major activity in educational administration, focusing on strategic, instructional, organizational, or community leadership. Activity to be of a magnitude to serve on-going operation of the school or district. (S/U grading.)

EDUL 7795. Seminar in Instructional Leadership (4-0-4) Prerequisite: EDUL 6235 or departmental approval. Examines school functions that improve instruction through direct assistance to teachers, curriculum development, staff development, and action research.

EDUL 7796. Seminar in Human Relations (4-0-4) Sharpening of knowledge and skills in human relations with internal and external publics, certified and classified employees, parents and other constituencies.

EDUL 7797. Seminar in Finance and Budgeting (4-0-4) Financing educational programs and the budgeting process. Develop grant proposals based on federal, state and private funding sources. Develop budget, administer fiscal portion of grant programs using standard accounting practices.

EDUL 7899. Independent Study (2-4) Prerequisite: Departmental approval. A specialized investigation of a problem in educational leadership proposed by the student under the direction of an educational leadership faculty member.

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