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1998-1999 Course Descriptions

POLS - Political Science

Note: In order to facilitate program description and advising, upper level POLS courses are designated as either Area A (American government), Area B (political theory), Area C (international relations and comparative government), or Area D (public administration).

POLS 1101. American Government (3-0-3) The constitutional framework, political processes, structures, and functions of the national government with reference to the state level. Satisfies state requirements concerning the United States and Georgia Constitutions.

POLS 2101. Introduction to Political Science (3-0-3) Prerequisite: POLS 1101. Introduction to the field of political science. Includes approaches to the study of politics, political ideologies, and the functions of law. Does not substitute for POLS 1101. Required of all political science majors.

POLS 2201. State and Local Government (3-0-3) The organization and functions of political power at the state and local level. Required of all majors. Satisfies state requirement concerning Georgia Constitution.

POLS 3115. Methods of Political Analysis (3-0-3) Prerequisite: POLS 2101. Examination of the development of the discipline. Focuses on analytical techniques. Required of all majors. Area B.

POLS 3126. Political Parties and Interest Groups (3-0-3) The nature and role of political parties and of interest groups as central actors in the political process. Area A.

POLS 3127. The Presidency (3-0-3) An examination of the American presidency within the context of the political process, with reference to the historical development of the office, and to the domestic and international role of the office. Area A.

POLS 3128. The Legislative Process (3-0-3) An examination of legislative structures, functions and procedures in light of influences, expected outcomes, responsiveness to political context. Area A.

POLS 3129. Judicial Process (3-0-3) The functioning of the judiciary in the American political system and its impact on political, social, and economic institutions. Area A.

POLS 3135. History of Political Thought to 1500s (3-0-3) A survey of Western political thought from the Hellenic era (Socrates) to the Modern era (Machiavelli), with consideration of both content and mode of theorizing. Area B.

POLS 3136. History of Political Thought from the 1500s to Marx (3-0-3) Survey of political thought from the 1500s to the 1800s. A continuation of POLS 3135. Area B.

POLS 3137. American Political Thought (3-0-3) Major currents of political thought which have justified, guided, or challenged the growth of the American Republic. Required of all majors. Area B.

POLS 3138. Contemporary Political Thought (3-0-3) Theories and trends in the contemporary world, from democracy to totalitarianism. Area B.

POLS 3145. European Comparative Government (3-0-3) A comparative analysis of political institutions and processes of Great Britain, France, and Germany. Area C.

POLS 3146. Latin American Comparative Government (3-0-3) A comparative analysis of political institutions and processes of the major nations of Central and South America. Area C.

POLS 3161. American Constitutional Law 1 (3-0-3) The effect of Supreme Court decisions on the development of the American political system. Area A.

POLS 3162. American Constitutional Law 2 (3-0-3) The Supreme Court as a policy-making body with particular emphasis on civil liberties. Area A.

POLS 3185. Public Administration (3-0-3) A study of the American bureaucracy with particular emphasis on the public sector. Area D.

POLS 3555. Selected Topics In Political Science (3-0-3) This course will examine issues related to government and institutions in the public sector. Topics will vary with the professor. Course may be
taken three times for credit if the topic is different. Area A, Area B, Area C, Area D, depending upon topic.

POLS 4155. International Relations (3-0-3) Survey of the nature of interaction among states with specific reference to contemporary international issues of major importance. Area C.

POLS 4165. International Law (3-0-3) Survey of international endeavors to develop law and order in interstate relations. Legal settlement of international disputes and restraint of force in contemporary world problems are examined. Area C.

POLS 4166. International Organizations (3-0-3) Survey of various attempts by the United Nations and other organizations to bring about peaceful settlement of international disputes. Disarmament and worldwide coordination of economic and social activities through efforts of international organizations are examined. Area C.

POLS 4175. Public Policy (3-0-3) An examination of selected policy areas and the process of policy formulation. Area A.

POLS 4176. American Foreign Policy (3-0-3) Foreign policy of the United States with focus on procedures and resources used for the development and execution of America's foreign policy with particular emphasis on contemporary era. Area A, Area C.

POLS 4177. American Defense Policy (3-0-3) Evolution, formulation, and implementation of American defense policy to include such topics as arms control, nuclear strategy and guerilla warfare.

POLS 4356. Workshop in International Organizations (1-0-1) Prerequisite: Approval of Department Chair. The workings of international organizations via participation in model competitions or simulations. May be taken three times for credit. Area C.

POLS 4698. Internship (3-9 hours) Prerequisite: Approval of Department Chair. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 credit hours. Experience in the field with an approved agency or company under the supervision of the instructor. Area A, Area B, Area C, Area D. (S/U grading.)

POLS 4795. Seminar in the American Political Process (1-0-1) In-depth study of an aspect of American political process. Required of all majors. Area A.

POLS 4796. Seminar in Global Affairs (1-0-1) In-depth study of an aspect of global affairs. Required of all majors. Area C.

POLS 4797. Seminar in Public Policy (1-0-1) In-depth study of an aspect of public policy. Required of all majors. Area D.

POLS 4899. Independent Study (1-3) Prerequisites: 21 hours in POLS courses and Approval of Department Chair. May be taken three times for credit.

POLS 7167. American Political Process and Policy-making (3-0-3) Institutions and processes of the American political system.

POLS 7177. National Security Policy (3-0-3) Evolution, formulation, and implementation of American national security policy.

POLS 7187. State and Local Government and Intergovernmental Relations (3-0-3) Interaction of American governments at the national, state, and local levels, including intergovernmental revenue.

POLS 7197. Comparative Administration (3-0-3) Structures and processes of government administration in contrasting social, cultural, and political environments.

POLS 7899. Independent Study (1-3 hours) Prerequisite: Permission of the chair of the Department of Political Science. May be repeated under different topics for a total of six credit hours.

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