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1999-2000 Academic Catalog

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CSUS - College Success

CSUS 1105. Learning to Learn: Adult Re-Entry (1-0-1) Prerequisite: Absence from an academic setting for at least five years or permission of department chair. Study skills for survival in higher education. Instruction to include evaluating individual learning styles, note taking, test taking strategies, coping with test anxiety, goal setting, time management, review reading techniques for better comprehension and retention of college level material, practice in writing skills, and how to study math.

CSUS 1106. College Success (1-0-1) This course is required for all first-time freshmen admitted to University College and optional for students admitted to CSU. Provides a small group setting to open communication among students and to present information and activities geared to improving students’ chances of success in the first year of college. Content focuses on practical knowledge necessary for academic survival and provides opportunities for discussion of topics that concern group members.

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