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1999-2000 Academic Catalog

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EDUT - Education, Technology

EDUT 3215. Technology in the Workplace (2-2-3) An overview of the selection and utilization of technology in the workplace. Includes fundamentals of selecting, evaluating, and using a variety of technologies including computers, television, cameras, and telecommunications: introduction to hyper media/multimedia and developing skills for preparing presentations.

EDUT 3216. Technology for Inclusion (2-2-3) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. This course prepares teachers to use technology in the instruction of children with disabilities in inclusive settings. Accommodations, adaptations, and modifications made possible with the use of technology are also presented. The use of technology in writing, updating, evaluating IEPs is a major focus of this course.

EDUT 3217. Technology for the Teacher (1-2-2) Prerequisite: EDUF 2215 or departmental approval. Focuses on technology which enhances classroom management, lesson development, and productivity. Includes: lesson preparation, electronic assessment, on-line research techniques, and classroom materials production. Includes introduction to emerging technologies.

EDUT 5555. Selected Topics in Educational Technology (2-6) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education and Department Chair Approval. This course is designed to deal with the changes in technology. It offers the opportunity to investigate areas in technology not covered by the program courses. Course may be repeated three times for credit when topics differ.

EDUT 6205. Technology Workshop (3-2-4) Incorporate technology into the curriculum. Inventory available technology on-site, review available software. Develop course materials, rewrite lesson plans, develop prototype digital portfolio for curriculum.

EDUT 7795. Technology Seminar for Administrators (3-2-4) Prerequisite: Departmental Approval. Design, implement and evaluate technology in a school setting. Define technology plan, develop a vision, write goals and objectives, construct a budget, design a staff development plan, determine curricular changes and formulate assessment strategies. theses research topic by student’s advisory committee. Thesis research. May be repeated for credit.

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