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1999-2000 Academic Catalog

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GEOG - Geography

GEOG 1101. Introduction to Human Geography (3-0-3) A survey of global patterns of resources, population, culture, and economic systems. Emphasis is placed upon the factors contributing to these patterns and the distinctions between the technologically advanced and less advanced regions of the world.

GEOG 3107. World Regional Geography (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Completion of GEOG 1101 and sophomore standing. The study of the world’s regions with emphasis on the non-western cultures.

GEOG 3555. Selected Topics in Latin American Geography (3-0-3) Prerequisite: GEOG 1101. An examination of select nations of Latin America with emphasis on habitats, historical and cultural patterns, political and economic development. May be taken twice for credit.

GEOG 5128. Cultural Geography (3-0-3) Prerequisite: Senior standing. Cultural geography with emphasis on non-Western regions. Graduate students will have additional reading and research projects not required for undergraduates.

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