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1999-2000 Academic Catalog

Course Descriptions
Graduate and Undergraduate

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The course descriptions are arranged alphabetically by subject designator and sequentially by course number. Numbers following a descriptive title of each course indicate the number of weekly class hours, the number of weekly laboratory or practicum hours, and the credit-hour value of the course expressed in semester hours. For example, (2-2-3) following the course title means two class hours, two laboratory or practicum hours, and three semester hours of credit. Parentheses enclosing the third figure, (3-0-3), indicate that, although the course has a semester hour value equal to that number for enrollment purposes, the course does not produce credit toward baccalaureate or associate degrees.

Courses numbered 6000 and above are open only to graduate students. Courses with 5000 numbers are open to both graduate and advance-standing undergraduate students. In these courses, however, graduate students must do more extensive reading, prepare additional reports, and produce papers or other projects requiring more intensive research.

College of
Arts and Letters

Abbott Turner
College of Business

College of

College of


Department of
Military Science


Table of Contents

Subject designators for courses offered by the university include:

College of Arts and Letters


Art Education

LIBR Library Science
ARTH Art History MPAC MPA - Core Courses
ARTS Art-Studio MPAG MPA - General Government
COMM Communications MPAH MPA - Health Services
CRJU Criminal Justice MPAJ MPA - Justice Administration
DANC Dance MUSA Music Applied
ENGL English MUSC Music General
FLAP Foreign Language Proficiency MUSE Music Education
FREN French MUSP Music Performance
GEOG Geography POLS Political Science
GERM German RGTE Regents’ Test Remediation
HIST History RUSS Russian
JAPN Japanese SPAN Spanish
LATN Latin THEA Theatre Arts

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Abbot Turner College of Business

ACCT Accounting FINC Finance
BUSA Business Administration MBA Master of Business Administration
CISM Computer Information Systems MGMT Management
ECON Economics MKTG Marketing

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College of Education

COUN Counseling EDUL Education Leadership
EDCI Education Curriculum and Instruction EDUT Education Technology
EDEC Education Early Childhood PEDS Physical Education Service Courses
EDMG Education Middle Grades PELM Physical Education & Leisure Mgmt
EDSE Education Secondary READ Reading
EDUF Education Foundations SPED Special Education

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College of Science

ANTH Anthropology HESC Health Science
ASTR Astronomy MATH Mathematics
BIOL Biology NURS Nursing
CHEM Chemistry PHIL Philosophy
CPSC Computer Science PHYS Physics
ENGR Engineering PSYC Psychology
ENVS Environmental Science RESP Respiratory Therapy
GEOL Geology SOCI Sociology
GRNT Gerontology    

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University College

CSUS College Success LGSU Learning Support
ENGL English MATH Mathematics
HONS Honors Program MODL Refresher Course Modules
LEAD Servant Leadership READ Reading

Department of Military Science

ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps

Interdisciplinary Studies

ITDS Interdisciplinary Studies

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