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EDUF - Education, Foundations

EDUF 2116. Human Development, Motivation, and Learning (3-0-3) This course will introduce students to research-based thinking concerning human development, motivation and learning. Examines principles, theories, and research that are relevant to instructional settings. Includes the wide range of abilities and exceptionalities representative of students in schools and teaching practices that are effective with these students.

EDUF 2215. The American Educational Experience (3-2-4) This course will introduce students to American public education and will provide a realistic broad-based overview of the teaching profession. The role of the professional educator, including ethical and effective practices, will be studied. Students will examine the social, historical, and philosophical perspectives and methods of inquiry used in the analysis of educational issues. Diverse laboratory experiences will be featured. The student will initiate a portfolio process of educational course work and experience.

EDUF 4115. Classroom Management (2-0-2) Co-requisites: ARTE 4485, EDCI 4485, PELM 4485, or SPED 4485. Focuses on the concepts, principles and theories in implementing best practice classroom management. Surveys traditional approaches to behavior management and their limitations. Examines ways of creating positive, productive school climates and of structuring classrooms for success. Investigates methods which encourage home/school partnerships and the collaborative implementation of classroom discipline and management strategies.

EDUF 4795. Student Teaching Seminar (1-0-1) Co-requisites: ARTE 4485, EDCI 4485, PELM 4485, or SPED 4485. Discussion of common problems encountered in student teaching conducted in a seminar setting.

EDUF 5899. Independent Study (2-6) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education and Department Chair Approval. This course is designed to accommodate the special needs of students requiring a specific area of expertise. Course may be repeated once for credit.

EDUF 6000. M.Ed. Exit Examination (0-0-0) Satisfactory grade indicates completion of the exit examination for the M.Ed. degree. (S/U grading).

EDUF 6115. Educational Psychology (4-0-4) The interrelationship between motivation, learning and teaching, including critical thinking skills, motivation, learning and teaching with emphasis on application.

EDUF 6215. Research Methods (3-2-4) Qualitative and quantitative research methods with consideration of historical, descriptive, correlation, causal-comparative, and experimental studies; standardized and researcher-constructed data collection instruments and both descriptive and inferential statistical procedures. Use of computers for information retrieval, word processing, e-mail, and data analyses.

EDUF 7115. Psychology of Teaching (4-0-4) An advanced critical examination of research and theories relevant to effective teaching, including motivation, learning theories, at-risk students, classroom management, cooperative learning, self-esteem, social learning and others.

EDUF 7116. Applied Educational Research (4-0-4) Advanced applications of quantitative and qualitative research, including experimental, historical, descriptive, causal-comparative, and ethnographic research methods and procedures. Planning and preparing a research paper or proposal.

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