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EDUL - Education, Leadership

EDUL 6225. Strategic Leadership (3-2-4) Develops, articulates, and implements a vision of learning that is supported by the school community through four one-semester hour topics: (1) School Leadership and Situational Leadership; (2) School Improvement and Strategic Planning; (3) Effective Schools and Strategic Planning; and (4) Local Budgeting for School Improvement.

EDUL 6235. Instructional Leadership (3-2-4) Investigates best, researched practices in curricular development and instructional supervision through four one-semester hour topics: Clinical Supervision; Curriculum Development; Curriculum Alignment, Standards, Benchmarks, and QCC; and Types and Uses of Student Learning Assessment.

EDUL 6245. Organizational Leadership (3-2-4) Investigates theories and models of organization and fiscal applications and operations through four one-semester hour topics: School Organization; Organization for Student Success; School Finances and QBE; and School Privatization of Services/Vouchers/Charter Schools.

EDUL 6255. Community Leadership (3-2-4) Investigates community-school collaborations through four one-semester hour topics: School/Community Culture; Home-School Relations; School-Community Relations; and School Leaders as Effective Communicators (oral, written technology).

EDUL 6265. Ethics in Education (3-2-4) Investigates the promotion of the success for all students and staff as provided in professional codes of ethics, philosophy and history of education, and ethical and legal frameworks through four one-semester hour topics: Teaching/Leadership as a Profession; Traits/Behaviors of Effective School Leaders/Ethical Staff Selection; Appraisal and Termination for Student Success; and School Ethics and Induction and Mentoring.

EDUL 6275. Public Policy in Education (3-2-4) Investigates public policy as related to the school environments through four one-hour semester courses: Public Policy and School Law; IDEA/Special Education Law and Regulations; Legal Use of Activity Accounts; and School Safety-Liability.

EDUL 6698. Internship in Leadership (0-8-4) Prerequisite: Departmental approval. Provides professional on-the-job training that offers experiences through four one-semester concentrations: Strategic Leadership; Organization Leadership; Instructional Leadership; and Community Leadership. (S/U grading.)

EDUL 6899. Independent Study (4-0-4) Prerequisite: Department approval. A specialized investigation of a problem in educational leadership proposed by an MEd student under the direction of an educational leadership faculty member.

EDUL 7000. Specialist Portfolio (0-0-0) Satisfactory completion of this non-credit course indicates completion of the Specialist Portfolio for the EdS in Educational Leadership.

EDUL 7555. Selected Topics in Leadership (2-2-4) The field of educational leadership is rapidly changing. To respond to that, a leadership faculty member may conduct a course from time to time dealing with salient issues.

EDUL 7698 Specialist Internship (0-16-8) Prerequisite: Departmental approval. Identify, plan and implement major activities in educational administration and leadership that provide highly related on-the-job experiences and that apply to the student's educational specialty. The activities are to be of the magnitude that serve school operations or an intended school goal achievement. (S/U grading.)

EDUL 7794. Seminar in Educational Public Policy (3-2-4) Prerequisite: EDUL 6275. Advanced study of school governance and legal educational guidelines for school administrators.

EDUL 7795. Seminar in Instructional Leadership (4-0-4) Prerequisite: EDUL 6235 or departmental approval. Examines school functions that improve instruction through direct assistance to teachers, curriculum development, staff development, and action research.

EDUL 7796. Seminar in Human Relations (4-0-4) Sharpening of knowledge and skills in human relations with internal and external publics, certified and classified employees, parents and other constituencies.

EDUL 7797. Seminar in Finance and Budgeting (4-0-4) Financing educational programs and the budgeting process. Develop grant proposals based on federal, state and private funding sources. Develop budget, administer fiscal portion of grant programs using standard accounting practices.

EDUL 7899. Independent Study (2-4) Prerequisite: Departmental approval. A specialized investigation of a problem in educational leadership proposed by the student under the direction of an educational leadership faculty member.

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