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ITDS - Interdisciplinary Studies

ITDS 1145. Comparative Arts (3-0-3) An introduction to the arts with emphasis on common elements, parallel dimensions, and aesthetic perception and response.

ITDS 1146. Introduction to African and African-American Culture (3-0-3) This course will examine African culture and the cultures of the Africans in the Americas. It will investigate the shared common experiences of Africans and African-Americans and the contributions of these groups to world cultures.

ITDS 1155. The Western Intellectual Tradition (3-0-3) An examination of the concepts and related dynamics that are central to and defining of the western intellectual tradition.

ITDS 1156. Understanding Non-Western Cultures (3-0-3) An examination of non-western systems of thought to increase understanding of cultural diversity and the process of cultural traditions.

ITDS 1215. Introduction to Life in Space (3-3-4) An introduction to consider how life processes are affected by exposure to microgravity and the stresses of space exploration. Students will have a better understanding of the earth and space environments and adaptations some life forms possess in order to survive and thrive in each. Field trips, investigative laboratories using applications of computer technology, a student project, a visit to the Coca Cola Space Science Center, and group activities will be integral parts of this course.

ITDS 2726. Introduction to Cultural Diversity (1-0-1) This course is designed to familiarize students with the cultural differences of the major racial/ethnic minority groups within the United States. Myths, stereotypes, and issues concerning minority groups will also be explored. Based upon individual experiences, guest speakers, presentations, self-exploration, and lectures, students will attain knowledge that will help them better understand and relate to these groups.

ITDS 2727. Introduction to Interpersonal Skills (1-0-1) This course is designed to introduce students to basic skills needed in the helping profession. A survey of the helping discipline, including job opportunities and work settings, will be covered. Social skill training techniques in the helping field will be demonstrated and practiced across a number of settings. Interpersonal relationship concepts, evaluative and developmental issues, and conflict resolution are components in this course. This course will review requirements and competencies for further study.

ITDS 2735. Life and Career Planning (1-0-1) This course is designed to help students consider those career choices and related factors contributing to satisfaction and happiness in life. The process of goal setting and self-management by objectives will be studied in order for the student to plan systematically for a career.

ITDS 2745. Computers and the Worldwide Web (1-0-1) An introduction to electronic mail, file transfer protocols, and web navigation software. Students with credit in the CPSC 1105-Technological Solutions may not receive credit for this course.

ITDS 2746. Business and Society (1-0-1) An introduction to the roles of business in historical and contemporary society, the relationship between business and governmental and not-for-profit institutions, and ways in which business interacts with virtually all professions, occupations and careers. Students will investigate moral and ethical issues relating to business and societal goals, and ways by which they might be resolved.

ITDS 2748. Topics in Global Issues (1-0-1) An interdisciplinary course on issues that affect the world or the people of the world, issues such as air pollution, Internet child pornography, international copyright infringement, endangered species, policies of the United nations, international stock markets, export/import laws, etc. Topics will vary from semester to semester. Course will be taught by faculty from various departments and colleges.

ITDS 2749. Ethics and Legal Issues in the Professions (1-0-1) An interdisciplinary course focusing on such issues as censorship, plagiarism, truth in advertising, forgery, invalid scientific data and experiments, etc. Issues will vary from semester to semester. Course will be taught by faculty from various departments and colleges.

ITDS 2755. Elements of Critical Thinking (1-0-1) This course focuses on the questions of how to reason correctly and how to identify fallacies in reasoning. Specifically, the issues of validity, consistency, formal and informal fallacies will be addressed.

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