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MPAC - Master of Public Administration - Core Courses

MPAC 7000. MPA Comprehensive Examination (0-0-0) Satisfactory grade denotes completion of the comprehensive examination required for completion of the MPA program. (S/U grading).

MPAC 7106. Public Administration and Policy-Making (3-0-3) Major concepts of public administration, including organizational structure, processes, behavior, relation to political system and policy, and ethics.

MPAC 7116. Public Personnel Administration (3-0-3) Personnel/human resources processes and policy, including selection, compensation, performance appraisal, employee rights, EEO and other legal requirements.

MPAC 7126. Public Budgeting and Financial Administration (3-0-3) Budget cycle (preparation, approval, implementation, audit) and revenue in the public sector.

MPAC 7136. Research Methods for Administration (3-0-3) Research methods, procedures, designs, and the application of findings for public administrators. A survey research project will be required. Required for thesis option.

MPAC 7137. Advanced Research Methods (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MPAC 7136. A continuation of research methods, procedures, designs, and applications of findings with emphasis on data analysis. Offered on-campus only. Required for thesis option.

MPAC 7146. Organization Theory and Behavior (3-0-3) Major aspects of work organization, including structure, communication, control, decision making, leadership, and motivation.

MPAC 7156. Legal Environment of Administration (3-0-3) Constitutional and statute law relevant to administrative actions; emphasis on due process.

MPAC 7999. Thesis (3 hours) Prerequisite: MPAC 7137. Application of quantitative research methods to a significant topic related to administration. Requires: (a) a proposal approved by the MPA program director and a thesis committee appointed by the director and (b) successful defense of the thesis to the thesis committee. (S/U grading.)

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