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THEA - Theatre Arts

THEA 1000. Theatre Convocation (0-1-0) A laboratory experience to include student performances, presentation, guest artists, master classes, lectures, theatre trips, meetings and the administration of entrance evaluation for Theatre Arts majors. (S/U grading.)

THEA 1100. Theatre Appreciation (3-0-3) A general course in the appreciation of theatre through the use of films, guest lectures, demonstrations, and discussions of theatre of all periods.

THEA 1175. Script Analysis (2-0-2) The basic tools for play analysis presented through lecture, discussion, and play analysis. The student will become familiar with necessary vocabulary, methods and skills for analyzing play scripts.

THEA 1245. Acting 1 (2-2-3) Fundamentals of acting techniques. Class exercises in movement and voice, lectures, student reports, and practical experience in scenes.

THEA 1315. Acting for the Non-Major (0-2-1) An introduction to acting skills for non-theatre majors.

THEA 1355. Basic Design for the Theatre (1-2-2) The study of the elements and principles of design and how they may be used in scenery, lighting and costuming. The development of free-hand and mechanical drawing skills.

THEA 1365. Stagecraft (1-2-2) The development of skills used in scenery, lighting, sound and costumes. The study of technical theatre roles. Practical application of skills and knowledge through production assignments.

THEA 1435. Theatre Practice (0-2-1) Supervised practical experience in all aspects of theatre work under actual production conditions. May be taken three times for credit.

THEA 2175. Survey of African-American Theatre (2-0-2) Survey of the history and dramatic literature of African-American theatre from its beginnings to the present day. Films, film strips, lectures, reading of plays, and student reports will be included.

THEA 2285. Computer Aided Design and Drafting (2-2-3) Prerequisite: THEA 1355 and the ability to use a standard keyboard. Designed to introduce the student who has already become familiar with the standard mechanical methods of drawing and drafting, to the use of the computer as an additional tool toward the development of theatrical designs. Includes: development of basic skills with a variety of software (paint graphics, computer aided design, digital sound recording, and self-running presentation). In this course the student will develop a "CD ROM" portfolio.

THEA 2325. Stage Movement (0-2-1) An introduction to various movement techniques used by the actor.

THEA 2345. Seminar in Auditions (0-2-1) Prerequisite: THEA 1245 or THEA 1315. Selection and preparation of material for theatre auditions. Experience in preparing resumes and auditions, cold readings and callback interviews.

THEA 2355. Stage Makeup (0-2-1) Basic materials and techniques of stage makeup. Practical experience of makeup for characters from a number of plays and in differing makeup styles.

THEA 2346. Voice Training for the Stage (0-2-1) An introduction to voice training for the actor. Exercises and techniques are utilized to develop and strengthen the voice.

THEA 3105. Children’s Theatre (3-0-3) Research and literature of children’s theatre, methods of producing and directing plays for and with children in school and community situations.

THEA 3107. Creative Dramatics in the Classroom (3-0-3) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. Exploration of theories and techniques of improvised and informal drama and their practical application as a teaching tool for all age levels. Lectures, student projects and practical class experience.

THEA 3115. Oral Interpretation (3-0-3) The theory and practice of oral reading. The student will learn how to analyze a selection, apply principles of voice and nonverbal communication to the expression of narration, poetry and drama in solo and group performances.

THEA 3175. Theatre History/Literature 1: Primitive to Renaissance (3-0-3) Survey of the history and dramatic literature from the primitive tribes to the Italian Renaissance. Films, filmstrips, video tapes, lectures, reading of plays, and student reports will be included.

THEA 3176. Theatre History/Literature 2: Renaissance - 19th Century (3-0-3) Survey of the history and dramatic literature from the Renaissance through the end of the 19th Century. Films, filmstrips, video tapes, lectures, reading of plays, and student reports will be included.

THEA 3177. Theatre History/Literature 3: Departures from Realism (3-0-3) Survey of the history and dramatic literature from Realism/Naturalism to the present day. Films, filmstrips, video tapes, lectures, reading of plays, and student reports will be included.

THEA 3225. Musical Theatre Performance (1-2-2) Prerequisite: THEA 1245 or THEA 1315. An exploration of performing techniques in the musical theatre.

THEA 3245. Acting 2 (2-2-3) Prerequisite: THEA 1245. Advanced acting techniques, including character and scene study and practical experience in developing a role.

THEA 3246. Playwriting (2-2-3) Elements and techniques for writing dramatic literature. Practical experience writing and critiquing one-act plays.

THEA 3247. Theatre Management (1-2-2) Basic functions of finance, grantsmanship, management, marketing, and promotion as applied to theatre organizations.

THEA 3261. Stage Costuming 1: History and Construction (1-4-3) An overview of clothing styles from Ancient Greece to the 20th Century, emphasizing their application to theatrical costuming. Practical experience with techniques, tools, and materials used in standard costume construction.

THEA 3262. Stage Costuming 2: Design (1-2-2) Prerequisites: THEA 1355 and THEA 3261, or consent of the department chair. Combining basic elements of design and details of historic clothing to create appropriate, character-specific costume designs for the stage.

THEA 3265. Stage Management (2-2-3) An overview of the principles and practices of stage management for theatre and the related performing arts.

THEA 3267. Scene Design (2-2-3) Prerequisites: THEA 1355 and THEA 1365. Emphasis on understanding three key impacts of scenic design: (a) the ground plan as an "organic" tool; (b) the use of theatrical conventions as methods for shaping the message; (c) the use of the stage setting as a metaphoric environment which reflects the message of the drama.

THEA 3268. Scene Paintings (1-2-2) Prerequisite: THEA 3267. Practical application of materials and techniques used to paint stage settings. Experience with a variety of media and styles of scenic painting.

THEA 3269. Stage Lighting (2-2-3) Prerequisites: THEA 1355 and THEA 1365. The study and practical application of design, concepts, and equipment of lighting for the stage. Experience in developing and drafting lighting designs for basic theatre styles.

THEA 3305. Children's Theatre Production (1-3) Practical experience in performing, presenting, and/or directing children's theatre. May be taken two times.

THEA 3435. Advanced Theatre Practice (0-2-1) Supervised leadership experience in actual theatrical work, including every aspect of theatre. May be taken three times for credit.

THEA 4000. Senior Project in Theatre (0-0-0) A faculty-juried presentation by graduating Theatre Arts majors. Satisfactory completion of this course is necessary for the B.A. in Theatre Arts. (S/U grading.)

THEA 4245. Acting 3 (2-2-3) Prerequisite: THEA 3245. Acting techniques used to portray characters in period plays, from the Greeks through avant garde drama, study and practical experience in the use of body and voice for noncontemporary or non-realistic roles.

THEA 4325. Period Movement for the Stage (0-2-1) Prerequisites: THEA 1245 and THEA 2325. Introduction to various styles of movement necessary for historic productions of plays.

THEA 4445. Theatre Performance (1-3 hours) Practical application of acting theories and techniques through the rehearsals and performances of a production. May include the supervised performance of a major role in a production. May be taken twice for credit.

THEA 4465. Theatre Production (1-3 hours) Prerequisite: consultation with design and technical theatre faculty. Techniques of planning and implementing technical aspects of production. May include the supervised student design and execution of a major technical area of production. May be taken twice for credit.

THEA 4698. Internship (1-6 hours) This course is designed to allow the student to gain hands-on field experience working with approved non-academic theatre companies and/or organizations. Supervision is provided by a Theatre Arts faculty member and a representative from the cooperating agency. The student must make arrangements with the faculty member and the cooperating company and get permission from the department chair prior to registering for the course. May be taken twice for credit. (S/U grading.)

THEA 4795. Senior Seminar in Theatre (0-2-1) A capstone course that integrates concepts gained during the students’ tenure. Includes readings, lectures, discussions, portfolio presentations, and the administration of an exit exam.

THEA 4899. Independent Study (1-3 hours) Prerequisite: consent of Department chair. Special projects designed to meet the specific needs of individual students.

THEA 5106. Methods of Teaching Theatre (3-0-3) Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. Practical application of techniques for teaching drama in grades P-12. Curriculum, concepts, procedures for instruction, and observation and participation in the public schools.

THEA 5205. Advanced Creative Dramatics (2-2-3) THEA 3107 and Admission to Teacher Education. Advanced exploration of integrating creative dramatics into the classroom. Lectures, students projects, and practical classroom experience.

THEA 5281. Stage Directing 1 (2-2-3) Prerequisites: THEA 1245, THEA 1355, and THEA 1365. Basic methods of casting, blocking and rehearsing a play. Lectures, demonstrations and class scenes. Practical experience in directing a realistic one-act play for public performance.

THEA 5282. Stage Directing 2 (2-2-3) Prerequisite: THEA 5281. Detailed study of the role of the director in the production. Practical experience in directing a one-act period or non-realistic play for public performance.

THEA 5285. Computer Aided Design and Drafting 2 (2-2-3) Prerequisite: THEA 2285. This course is designed to enhance the student’s skill and knowledge in using the computer as an aid to design for theatre. Focus will be placed on developing scale drawing, lighting plots, creating digital sound designs and 3-D modeling.

THEA 5575. Selected Topics in Theatre Arts (1-3 hours) Various topics selected by the instructor to meet the needs and interests of the students. May be taken twice for credit with different topics.

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