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Updates to Catalog

Date Change Made Description of the Change
4/14/08 Corrected the course number for ANTH 1107 (previously 1106).
4/9/04 Corrected the course number for THEA 2325. Stage Movement
9/30/03 Corrected the course number for The Electronic Writer from ENGL 3255 to ENGL 3176.
5/2/03 Change to Regents Test scoring becomes effective in the Summer 2003 term for students graduating in the Summer 2003 term:  Scores on nationally administered standardized tests may also be used to fulfill Regents' Test requirements.
10/29/02 Course requirements updated for BA Music (Area F), BM Performance - Instrumental Track (Area H), BM Music Education - Instrumental (Area H), BM Music Education - Choral (Area H), and MM Music Education (Areas 1 and 3, and the General Music Option).
10/7/02 Course descriptions changed for NURS 3275, NURS 3276, NURS 3277, NURS 3279, and NURS 4175.
10/3/02 Course numbers changed for ARTS 3277 to 3278; ARTS 4277 to 4278; and ARTS 5278 to 5278.
9/27/02 Course description for NURS 4000 added.
9/24/02 Correction of the Philosophy minor requirements.
9/3/02 Correction to History course listing: Added HIST 5555.
8/21/02 List of Administrators updated for current academic year.
8/21/02 Minimum residence requirement for the Masters Degree changed.
6/25/02 MATH 1111 pre-requisite removed from CHEM 1211 and 1211L.
6/20/02 BS in Recreation and Park Administration was deactivated and has been deleted from the list of Baccalaureate degrees, the program course requirements, and the College of Education pages.
6/20/02 Added accreditation information for the Departments of Art and Theatre.
6/3/02 Updated the Housing Fee section under Expenses.
5/14/02 Corrected the required hours for Area 1 for MEd School Counseling.
5/6/02 Corrected the required hours for Area 1 and the Total Hours required for MEd Educational Leadership.
5/1/02 Faculty listing added.
4/30/02 Index to contents of catalog added.
4/25/02 COMPASS minimum score to exempt the mathematics subject area changed to 37.
4/10/02 Maximum number of enrolled hours allowed for undergraduate studies during the summer term was added.
4/10/02 Prerequisites removed for ENGL 4165 and ENGL 6165.
3/29/02 Expected Program Outcomes for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program was replaced.
3/29/02 Course description for EURO 2105 was replaced.


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