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At Columbus State University, you are expected to provide the effort, enthusiasm, and determination to take the greatest advantage of what CSU has to offer. In return, you will find challenges and inspiration, support and encouragement from an institution, which considers itself, above all else, a teaching university.

Your experience at CSU will be the total of your formal education, your participation in extracurricular activities, your friends and acquaintances, and what you bring to it all. In other words, we provide the learning environment, the tools and technology, the opportunities, and the people who empower you to take yourself in new directions.

CSU has grown since its founding in 1958, from a two-year college serving Columbus, Georgia to a state university offering graduate and undergraduate programs, some of which have achieved a national reputation. As we've grown, adding buildings and facilities, we have in many ways erased the boundaries of our 132-acre campus.

Four off-campus centers, located along the Chattahoochee River in historic downtown Columbus, provide unusual learning environments for our students and for the region's school children and residents. The Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center is a living laboratory where students of all ages can observe and study nature. CSU's Coca-Cola Space Science Center houses a Challenger Learning Center, a planetarium theater that is technologically one of the best in the nation, and the Mead Observatory. Our nationally renowned Schwob Department of Music is located in a state-of-the-art performing arts facility, the RiverCenter. Located across from the RiverCenter, the Rankin Arts Center offers continuing education programming in the arts for the community.

Students in all majors have opportunities to go beyond the campus boundaries and enhance their traditional learning through internships, clinical experiences, cooperative education and through field research alongside senior professors. CSU provides valuable regional service along with "real world" experience for its students by working on collaborative projects with a variety of business/industry, civic, arts, and governmental partners.

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