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2004-2005 Academic Catalog


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College of Science
Degree Program Course Requirements

For general degree requirements, see the College of Science and
the General Degree Requirements pages.

Bachelor of Science


Area A Essential Skills                           Required Hours: 9
ENGL 1101 (with a grade of "C" or better) 
ENGL 1102 (with a grade of "C" or better)
Select one of the following courses: 
MATH 1101/1111/1112/1113/1125/1131

Area B Institutional Options                 Required Hours: 5
COMM 1110 
Select two of the following courses: 
ITDS 2726/ITDS 2727/ITDS 2735/ITDS 2745/ITDS 2746/ITDS 2748/ITDS 2749/ITDS 2755/ LEAD 1705/LIBR 1105
Select one of the following courses:
EURO 2105/Foreign Language 1001, 1002, 2001, or 2002
Note: the extra hour may be used as an elective. 

Area C Humanities/Fine Arts                Required Hours: 6 
Select one of the following humanities courses: 
ENGL 2111/ENGL 2112/ ITDS 1145*/ITDS 1155/ PHIL 1105 
Select one of the following fine arts courses: ARTH 1100/ITDS 1145*/MUSC 1100/THEA 1100 
*ITDS 1145, though listed under both humanities and fine arts, may be taken only once.

Area D Science/Math/Technology        Required Hours: 10 
Select one science course with a lab; the other course may be lab or non-lab: 
ANTH 1145 (no lab); ASTR 1105/1305 (lab optional); ASTR 1106/1305 (lab optional); BIOL 1215 (lab included); BIOL 1125 (no lab); BIOL 1225 (lab included); CHEM 1151/1151L; CHEM 1152/1152L; CHEM 1211/1211L; CHEM 1212/1212L ; ENVS 1105 (no lab); GEOL 1121 (lab included); GEOL 1122/1322; GEOL 2225 (lab included); ITDS 1215 (lab included); PHYS 1111/1311; PHYS 1112/1312; PHYS 1125/1325 (lab optional); PHYS 2211/2311; PHYS 2212/2312
Select one of the following courses or a science course from above: 
CPSC 1105/MATH 1112/MATH 1113/MATH 1125/MATH 1131/MATH 1132/MATH 1127/MATH 1165/PHIL 2105 

Area E Social Sciences                          Required Hours: 12
Select one course from the following two courses:
HIST 2111
HIST 2112 
Take the following course:
POLS 1101 
Select one behavioral science course from the following courses:
ECON 2105/ECON 2106/PHIL 2135/PSYC 1101/SOCI 1101 
Select one world cultures course from the following courses:
ANTH 1105/ANTH 2105/ANTH 2136/ENGL 2136/GEOG 1101/HIST 1111/HIST 1112/ITDS 1146/ITDS 1156 

Wellness Requirement                          Required Hours: 3
PELM 1205 
Select any one PEDS course. 

Area F Courses Related to Major          Required Hours: 18
BIOL 1215 Principles of Biology* 
MATH 1227 Introductory Statistics** 
PSYC 1101 Intro to General Psychology*** 
Select two laboratory science courses approved in Area D. 
*If taken in the core it must be replaced by another lab science approved for the Area D.
**If taken in the core, it must be replaced by another math course approved for Area D. 
***If taken in the core it must be replaced with another behavioral science approved for Area E. 

Area G Program Requirements              Required Hours: 22 
ENGL 5146 Scientific Writing
PSYC 3211 Research Design/Methodology 1 
PSYC 3212 Research Design/Methodology 2 
PSYC 3215 Tests and Measurement 
PSYC 4115 History and Systems 
Select one of the following two courses: 
PSYC 4205 Biological Psychology 
PSYC 4215 Comparative Animal Behavior  

Area H Program Electives                     Required Hours: 27-29
Select at least three psychology lab courses below. Remaining hours may be either lab or non-lab psychology elective courses.

Lab Psychology Electives: (Must select three; 4 hours each)
PSYC 3205 Pseudopsychologies/Paranormal 
PSYC 3235 Learning and Behavioral Analysis
PSYC 3255 Social Psychology 
PSYC 4275 Cognitive Psychology 
PSYC 4285 Sensation and Perception 
PSYC 4205 Biological Psychology (if not used in Area G) 
PSYC 4215 Comparative Animal Behavior (if not used in Area G) 

Non-lab Psychology Electives:
PSYC 3125 Abnormal Psychology 
PSYC 3145 Clinical Psychology 
PSYC 3185 Child Development 
PSYC 3565 Selected Topics in Psychology 
PSYC 4125 Theories of Personality 
PSYC 4145 Psychology of the Workplace 
PSYC 4165 Motivation
PSYC 4698 Internship 
PSYC 4899 Independent Study 
PSYC 5105 Psychology of Aging 
PSYC 5108 Psychological Issues in Death and Dying

Area I General Electives                        Required Hours: 9-11

Total Hours Required: 123


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