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2004-2005 Academic Catalog


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College of Science
Degree Program Course Requirements

For general degree requirements, see the College of Science and
the General Degree Requirements pages.

Master of Science
Environmental Science


Area 1 Program Core      Required Hours: 18 
ENVS 5161 Introduction to Hydrology 
ENVS 5255 Environmental Geology (incl. lab) 
ENVS 6105 Environmental Issues 
ENVS 6106 Environmental Law and Regulations 
ENVS 6207 Ecological Methodology (incl. lab) 
ENVS 7115 Environmental Chemistry 

Area 2 Program Electives      Required Hours: 12 
Select 12 semester hours from the following: 
BIOL 5515 Selected Topics: Cell/Molecular Biol 
BIOL 5525 Selected Topics: Organismic Biol
BIOL 5535 Selected Topics: Ecol/ Evol Biology 
BIOL 5899 Independent Study 
CHEM 7165 Environmental Organic Chemistry 
CHEM 7175 Atmospheric Physical Chemistry 
CHEM 7185 Aquatic Chemistry 
CHEM 7555 Selected Topics: Env Chemistry 
ENVS 5165 Hydrology 
ENVS 5225 Natural Environments of Georgia 
ENVS 6109 Environmental Air Quality 
ENVS 6206 Water Resources Management 
ENVS 6271 GIS/GPS Applications 
ENVS 7145 Land Use and Waste Management 
ENVS 7555 Selected Topics: Environmental Sci
GEOL 5115 Geochemistry 
GEOL 5275 Vertebrate Paleontology 
GEOL 7565 Special Topics: Environmental Geol
MATH 5175 Mathematical Statistics 

Area 3 Thesis Research      Required Hours: 6
ENVS 7999 Research in Environmental Science

Total Hours Required: 36



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