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College of Education
Degree Program Course Requirements

For general degree requirements, see the College of Education and
the General Degree Requirements pages.

Specialist in Education
Secondary English Language Arts Education


Area 1 Professional Core                    Required Hours: 9 
EDCI 7115 K-12 Curr Studies: Engl Lang Arts 
EDUF 7115 Psychology of Teaching 
EDUF 7116 Action Research: Assessing and Monitoring Student and School Achievement 

Area 2 Specialist Studies                    Required Hours: 4 
EDCI 7158 Leadership in Curriculum Change 
EDCI 7359 Specialist Project 

Area 3 Concentration                         Required Hours: 17
EDCI 6118 Tching Composition in Grades 4-12
Select 14 hours from:
ENGL courses, English language arts, and methodology

Cognate and related-field studies:
Depending on prior graduate studies in English language arts content and pedagogy, up to 9 credits may be earned in related-field studies in gifted ed, ESL, special education, and other fields.

Similarly, students who aspire to NBPTS licensure should consider applying to and enrolling in EDCI 6115: NBPTS Precandidacy and EDCI 6116: NBPTS Candidacy.

Total Hours Required: 30 



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Last Updated: 2/1/11