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College of Education
Degree Program Course Requirements

For general degree requirements, see the College of Education and
the General Degree Requirements pages.

Specialist in Education
School Counseling


Area 1 Professional Core                        Required Hours: 6
EDUF 7116 Action Research: Assessing and Monitoring Student and School Achievement 
Select one of the following two courses:
COUN 6255 Play Therapy
COUN 7165 Counseling Children 

Area 2 Adv. School Counseling Conc        Required Hours: 12
COUN 7175 Counseling Super Theories/Tech
EDUL 7698 Internship for School Improvement 
Select two of the following four courses:
EDUF 7115 Psychology of Teaching 
EDUL 7794 Accountability and Effective School Models
EDUL 7793 Organizing/Implementing Framework for Data Driven Learning Community 
EDUL 7796 Team Building and the Communication Process 

Area 3 Electives                                       Required Hours: 12 
Select twelve hours from the following: 
COUN 6117 Diagnosis in Counseling
COUN 6555 Assess/Diag in Couns & Psyc
COUN 7185 Family Psychopathology 
COUN 7215 Family Therapy Process/Practice 
COUN 7225 Counseling Skills 2 
COUN 7275 Adv Tech in Marriage/Family Ther
COUN 7285 Marriage and Family Assessment 
COUN 7286 Marriage Systems Theory/Therapy 
EDUL 6255 Collaboration for Improved Student Achievement 
Any other advisor approved courses in COUN or other graduate courses which fit career objectives 

Total Hours Required: 30

NOTE: Students may take COUN or other graduate course that fit their career objectives, pending the approval of their advisors. Students who possess a master�s degree in counseling but do not already hold certification in school counseling must take a minimum of 30 hours plus courses that will enable them to be eligible for certification. They must count 2 of the certification courses as Ed.S. electives. For further details, please contact the department.

Reminder: The program is a minimum of 30 hours. At least 18 must be in courses numbered 7000 and above.


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