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College of Arts and Letters
Degree Program Course Requirements

For general degree requirements, see the College of Arts and Letters and
the General Degree Requirements pages.

Master of Education
Art Education


Area 1 Professional Core                         Required Hours: 7 
EDUF 6795 Collaboration for Sch/Stu Impr (1 semester hour)
EDUF 6115 Educational Psychology
EDUF 6116 Research Methods: Action Research

Area 2 Content Concentration                Required Hours: 23
ARTE 6185 Concepts in Art Education
ARTE 6187 Curriculum in Art Education
ARTE 6999 Thesis/Exhibit Research
ARTH 5125 Research and Seminar in Art History

Select four of the following courses:
ARTE 6186
ARTH 6185
ARTS* 5236/5245/5247/5256/5265/5278/5285/5288/

Area 3 Education Electives                      Required Hours: 6

Select two courses from the following:
EDCI 6159 Integrating Multicultural/Global Studies Throughout the Curriculum
EDEC 6155 Early Childhood in a Contemporary Society
EDMG 6155 Psychology of the Early Adolescent Learner
EDUT 6206 Introduction to Instructional Technology
SPED 5205 Learning/Behavioral Characteristics of Children with Disabilities, Gifts, and Talents

Exit Requirements                                   Required Hours: 0
ARTE 7000 Graduate Exhibition

Total hours: 36
(Students must have a minimum of 18 semester credit hours at the 6000 level.)

*Instructor approval is required to register for 5000-6000 level studio courses (ARTS). Students not approved for graduate-level studio work must take the necessary undergraduate prerequisites.

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