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MBA - Master of Business Administration

MBA 6117. Managerial Accounting (3-0-3)
An in-depth look at accounting from the standpoint of the managerial decision-making process. Open to MBA students only.

MBA 6126. Business Strategy (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Students must have completed 12 semester hours of graduate credit including MBA 6117 and MBA 6157. This course offers a comprehensive review of the business strategy process enabling students to gain an understanding of the competitive forces and factors shaping the global market place in the 21st century. Additionally, it will include topics covering a variety of business strategy tools, techniques, and concepts. Open to MBA students only.

MBA 6127. Legal and Social Environment of Business (3-0-3) An analysis of the complexities involving the business community in today's environment with the emphasis on the legal and social environments. Open to MBA students only.

MBA 6138. Management Information Systems (3-0-3) The role of management information systems in supporting the decision-making process in modern business organizations. This course emphasizes the use of information as a competitive tool. Open to MBA students only.

MBA 6145. Managerial Economics (3-0-3) Analysis of decision theory and criteria for managerial decision-making concerning output, pricing, capital budgeting, scale of operations, investment, inventory control, antitrust, and regulatory controls. Open to MBA students only.

MBA 6157. Managerial Finance (3-0-3) Financial analysis applied to problems of capital and use of funds to meet the goals of the firm. Open to MBA students only.

MBA 6165. Operations Management (3-0-3) Use of quantitative tools and techniques in business decision-making with emphasis on decisions under certainty. Topics covered include linear programming and extensions, non-linear programming, maxima-minima, and their operational applications. Open to MBA students only.

MBA 6176. Marketing Management (3-0-3) A marketing strategy course which emphasizes the marketing functions from the point of view of the marketing manager, focusing on the analytical tools the marketing manager uses. Topics include market segmentation and product differentiation, competitive analysis and product positioning, market measures and forecasts, product and brand management, pricing and distribution strategies, promotional strategies, and international marketing. The student taking the class should be familiar with the basics of marketing, consumer behavior, and promotional strategy. Open to MBA students only.

MBA 6188. Professional Communication Skills (3-0-3) A course designed to enhance essential communication skills for managers: writing, persuasive speaking, presentations, and reports. Course also describes and analyzes the managerial communications implications of organizational behavior concepts. Open to MBA students only.

MBA 6795. Seminar in Organizational Behavior (3-0-3) Survey and critical analysis of research and theory in individual, group and organizational managerial aspects, and affirmative action policies. Open to MBA students only.
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