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MPAJ - Master of Public
Administration - Justice Administration

MPAJ 7105. Comparative Criminal Justice (3-0-3)
Legal philosophies, organizational structures and procedures in criminal justice systems of selected nations.

MPAJ 7107. Courts and Judicial Administration (3-0-3) An introduction to the establishment and development of the structure and processes of the American judicial system and its problems, with special emphasis on trial courts.

MPAJ 7126. Correctional Practices and Problems (3-0-3) Historical development, current issues, and future trends in correctional policy and administration.

MPAJ 7128. Police Practices and Problems (3-0-3) Historical development, current issues, and future trends in the administration of police services.

MPAJ 7158. Labor Law and Civil Rights (3-0-3) Public employment law, with emphasis on preventive measures and conflict resolution short of legal action.

MPAJ 7188. Law and Social Control (3-0-3) Overview of habitual criminal behavior and theoretical issues and research on the law and legal control of deviance in society.

MPAJ 7555. Selected Topics in Criminal Justice (3-0-3) Prerequisites: Admission to MPA Program and approval of CRJU Department Chair. Current criminal justice issues and special topics examined in class and in conference presentations by regional experts. This course may not be repeated for course credit.
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