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Special Certificate Programs

African Studies Certificate
The African Studies Certificate is designed as a multi-disciplinary course of study to enhance understanding of the African continent, its people and cultures. The 18-hour program is open to all students enrolled at CSU in good standing and pursing a baccalaureate degree. Requirements include:
  • ANTH 3125, "People and Cultures of Africa;"
  • Three hours of an indigenous African language (e.g. SWAH 1010) or demonstration of proficiency above the intermediate level in an indigenous African Language; and
  • 12 semester hours from the following (no more than 6 hours form any one discipline): ANTH/SOCI 3225, BIOL 5535 (selected topic - The Ecology of Sub-Saharan Africa), BUSA 3135*, FREN 4555 (selected topic - Francophone African Literature), HIST 3127, HIST 3128, HIST 5546U (selected topic - African Prophets and Prophecies), HIST 5547, POLS 3555* (selected topic - Politics of Developing Nations), SOCI 3107 (African Women and Development), SOCI 3120 (Educational Development in Africa), up to 6 semester hours of an African Language (also including Arabic, French, Spanish, or Portuguese), an Independent Study in one of the above disciplines for a maximum of three semester hours*, and any online courses offered through the University System of Georgia's Online African Studies Certificate program.
A maximum of nine semester hours may be awarded for courses taken at other institutions that are deemed equivalent to CSU offerings. The asterisk* indicates that approval must be granted by the African Studies Coordinator, or in his/her absence, by the Director of the Center for International Education, upon verification of the significant Africa-related content of the course.

Artist Diploma Certificate
The Artist Diploma is a unique conservatory-inspired post-baccalaureate program, focused on developing both the artistry and professionalism of gifted young musicians. Candidates for the diploma possess not only great talent, but also the ability and determination to realize that talent in the contemporary musical world. Artist Diploma students focus on performance, deepening their artistry in close collaboration with master teachers. Requirements include: sixteen semester hours of applied music lessons at the 6000 level, and four semester hours of ensemble participation at the 6000 level. To qualify for this certificate, students must have completed a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in music, as well as a thorough interview process.

European Union Certificate
The European Union Certificate is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary course of study on the European Union. The target students are those already completing degrees in business, the social sciences, and humanities. Requirements include: EURO 2105, EURO 4105, and 12 semester hours from the following (no more than six hours in any single discipline): ARTH 2126, ARTH 3127, ARTH 3555, BUSA 3135, CRJU 3555, ECON 3165, ENGL 4145, EURO 3105, ITDS 2748, MGMT 4116, MUSC 3229, PHIL 3116, PHIL 3125, POLS 3138, POLS 3145, POLS 3555, and POLS 4165. In addition, students may also apply HIST 5557U, HIST 5558U, HIST 5565U or HIST 5575U toward the certificate if the course is approved by the Director of the Center for International Education. Students must complete HIST 1111 or HIST 1112 and EURO 2105 before entering the certificate program. The EU Certificate may be obtained by students pursuing a degree program or by those who have already completed an undergraduate degree. Students must also complete a study abroad program, overseas research, or an international internship.

Latin American Studies Certificate
The Latin American Studies Certificate is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary course of study on Latin America. Students from all majors with a minimum 2.80 GPA are eligible to participate. Requirements include: six hours of Spanish or French at the 3000 level, or demonstration of proficiency above the intermediate level in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Haitian Creole or Quechua; ITDS 2107 or SPAN 3175; and nine semester hours from the following (no more than three hours from the student's major): ANTH 5305U, ANTH 5515U, ANTH 5555U, ARTH 3555, BUSA 3135, COMM 4555, ECON 3165, HIST 3135, HIST 3136, HIST 3137, HIST 5535U, ITDS 2107, MGMT 4116, POLS 3146, POLS 3555, SPAN 2002, SPAN 3150, SPAN 3160, SPAN 3170, SPAN 3175 AND SPAN 5555U. Students must complete 30 semester hours of credit at a four-year institution or 15 semester hours at a two-year institution, and ITDS 2107 or SPAN 3175 before applying to enroll in the certificate program. Selected topcs courses (ANTH 5305U, ANTH 5515U, ANTH 5555U, COMM 4555, ECON 3165 and POLS 3555) must be approved by the certificate coordinator or the Director of the Center for International Education.  The Certificate in Latin American Studies must be taken in conjunction with a baccalaureate degree program.  For more information, contact the Center for International Education.

TESOL Certificate
The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate is designed to prepare students to teach English as a second or foreign language, either in the United States or abroad. Any student admitted and enrolled in an undergraduate (U) or graduate (G) degree program at CSU is eligible to participate. The program consists of the following 18 hours of coursework: ENGL 5148U/G, ENGL 5147U/G, ENGL 5165U/G, ENGL 5167U/G, ENGL 5168U/G and ENGL 5169U/G. A grade of C or better is required in each course. For more information, contact Department of English.


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