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Degree Program Course Requirements

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Master of Education
Accomplished Teaching

Cooperative Degree
Columbus State University-Georgia Southern University-Valdosta State University

Professional Education Core                         Required Hours: 9 
EDAT 7100 Research Methodology in Education
EDAT 7133 Trends, Issues, and Research in Education
EDAT 6159 Multicultural Studies across the Curriculum

The Georgia Framework                                 Required Hours: 18
EDAT 6226 Curriculum Design for Student Achievement
EDAT 6115 Knowledge of Students and Their Learning
EDAT 7132 Framework for Teaching
EDAT 6001 Using Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning
EDAT 7131 Enhancing Student Performance
EDAT 6000 Professional Decision Making

Concentration                                               Required Hours: 9
Approved Electives

Culminating Project (0 hrs)                           Required Hours: 0
Electronic Portfolio

Total hours: 36

Courses in the concentration are approved by the degree-offering institution and might include content courses (face-to-face or online) or other courses that might support a variety of fields of study (for example, instructional technology, special education, or reading).

Students may transfer in 9 hours (if approved)


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