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Strategic Planning Goals, 2006-2011

Through its 2006-2011 Goals, CSU commits to achieving excellence in the academic enterprise and prominence in the community, state and nation.

Goal One

Achieve excellence in undergraduate and graduate education to meet student and community needs.


  • Pursue and maintain national accreditation for all eligible undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Seek approval for Columbus State University’s first doctoral degree.
  • Develop and expand opportunities for online degrees and courses.
  • Expand educational opportunities throughout the region.
  • Develop and expand student and faculty opportunities for international programs, study abroad, and the Spencer House.
  • Develop, promote and reward faculty/staff performance and achievement.
  • Create a College of Fine and Performing Arts that is recognized as a leader in its disciplines.
  • Strategically develop and grow graduate programs.
  • Recognize and support faculty scholarship and creative activities.
  • Expand programs and opportunities for student research.
  • Recruit and retain qualified faculty and staff to adequately support the university’s mission.

Goal Two

Increase enrollment to 10,000 students by fall 2011.


  • Improve retention, progression and graduation rates.
  • Enhance quality of campus life and student academic support services.
  • Develop and deliver best-in-class First Year Experience programs
  • Recruit better academically qualified undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Expand honors and servant leadership programs.
  • Expand participation and ensure success in intramural, club, and NCAA athletics.
  • Increase enrollment capacity for core classes while maintaining a quality educational experience.
  • Expand the utilization of the RiverPark campus to accommodate a greater number of students.

Goal Three

Create more partnerships with academic institutions, government agencies, and businesses consistent with the university’s mission.


  • Increase regional economic and community development efforts.
  • Improve working relationships with local schools and educational systems on all levels.
  • Lead workforce development efforts in this region.
  • Encourage, expand, and enhance partnerships with community entities.
  • Broaden opportunities for experiential learning and civic engagement.

Goal Four

Increase external funding and recognition.


  • Increase sponsored research, grants, and contracts.
  • Increase private funding.
  • Expand alumni programs and engagement.
  • Crystallize the Columbus State University brand.
  • Pursue recognition/ranking in national publications, i.e., U.S. News & World Report, Princeton Review, etc.

Goal Five

Provide a best-in-class technology platform and information-based services.


  • Create 100 percent wireless campus access to technology and information services.
  • Promote operational excellence, develop business intelligence, and apply innovative business practices through the use of technology.
  • Identify partnerships/alliances with world-class technology enterprises to support technology requirements.
  • Maintain a dynamic Web site that effectively serves online visitors and supports campus operations.
  • Inspire faculty/staff to use leading-edge technology.
  • Promote the libraries to be the premier information resource for CSU community (students, faculty and staff).


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