EDUL options

EDUL 6146. Introduction to Student Affairs (3-0-3) This course serves as an introduction to (a) the student personnel and student affairs professions; (b) the roles and functions of professionals in the field; (c) the populations the professions serve; (d) the college and university settings where the professions are practiced; (e) the skills and competencies required by the professions; and (f) contemporary issues and concerns within the professions.

EDUL 6147. Student Development Theory (3-0-3) Introduces the theoretical frameworks that serve as a basis for the professional practice of student life practitioners within an institution of higher education. The frameworks encompass the (a) developmental orientation that emphasizes the value and importance of the major theories of student development; (b) the role of varying student developmental theoretical perspectives which serve as a foundation for conceptualizing student development work; (c) and sets the foundation to prepare student life professionals for their roles in the academy.

EDUL 6148. The American College Student (3-0-3) This course is intended to engage candidates in critical thinking about today's college students in respect to ways the higher education environment impacts learning, growth, and development. Candidates will focus on: (a) creativity, critical analysis and problem solving; (b) enhancement of written and oral communication skills; and (c) development of knowledge and expectations of contemporary college students, their environments, and interactions within institutions of higher education that influence their needs, satisfactions, recruitment, learning, and retention.

EDUL 6149. Assessment and Program Evaluation (3-0-3) This course provides an overview of assessment and evaluation as an inquiry process. The course will review the philosophy and practice of assessment and evaluation in higher education. The course will further examine the usefulness and appropriateness of various program evaluation methodologies (quantitative and qualitative), theories of evaluation usage and practice, and theories of valuing in college student affairs.

EDUL 6177. History of Higher Education (3-0-3) The goal of this course is to provide students with a critical understanding of the aims, mission, and practices of colleges and universities in the United States. The course pays particular attention to the history of American higher education and the diverse groups seeking to participate in the governance, structure, growth and development of post-secondary settings in the United States. The focus of all discussions will be on the application of substantive learning and integration within the historical, political, sociological and philosophical foundations that have established contemporary post-secondary systems within American society.

EDUL 6279. Capstone Experience: Leadership for Improving Student Achievement (2-2-3) Overview of the knowledge, dispositions, and performances needed by all educational leaders to promote increased student achievement and school improvement.

EDUL 6698. Internship in Leadership (0-0-{1-6}) Provides professional learning experiences in partner schools. Internship provided in two semester hour increments during three semesters for a 12 month internship. Professional learning experiences include Strategic Leadership; Organizational Leadership; School Improvement; and Community Leadership. May be repeated for a maximum of six credit hours. (S/U grading)