Environmental Science Options

ENVS 3105. Foundations of Environmental Science (3-3-4) Prerequisite: BIOL1215, CHEM1211/1211L and GEOL1121/1121L. Lecture and laboratory course exploring key concepts in the field of Environmental Science: the science of our environment including chemical, ecological, atmospheric, and geological systems; human-environment interaction; and the nature of environmental problems and solutions. The course emphasizes field and laboratory applications for environmental assessment and monitoring.

ENVS 4206. Water Resources Management (3-3-4) Prerequisite: BIOL 3217 or equivalent with a grade of C or higher. An examination of fluvial and wetland ecosystems and their dynamics, as well as common practices in the management and maintenance of these resources. Topics will include analysis of open-channel hydrology and hydraulics, flood control and analysis, regulated river management, wetlands hydrology, and management alternatives for wetland ecosystems.

ENVS 5405. Topics in Conservation (3-{0-4}-{3-5}) Prerequisite: BIO3217K with a grade of C or better. Human population growth and natural resource extraction have resulted in an unprecedented loss of species--often referred to as the 6th mass extinction. This course will explore various issues involving the conservation of Earth’s biodiversity. Students will learn why biodiversity has value to humans, what human activities cause extinctions, what laws and regulations exist to prevent biodiversity losses, and how conservation strategies can be effectively implemented to preserve biodiversity. May be repeated for credit with different topic.