Core Requirements

EXSC 6115. Advanced Strength and Conditioning (3-0-3) Prerequisite: EXSC 6135 with a grade of "C" or better. Design and implementation of strength and conditioning programs. This course will cover testing, evaluation, effective exercise techniques, and programming to improve performance in athletic populations. The course will assist students seeking NSCA CSCS certification.

EXSC 6116. Environmental Stressors and Exercise (3-0-3) An examination of the effects of heat, cold, altitude, and hyperbaric conditions on human physiology at rest and exercise.

EXSC 6137. Introduction to Exercise Electrocardiography (3-0-3) An examination of the electrophysiology of the heart, the electrocardiogram, identification of normal and abnormal rhythms at rest and exercise, and 12-lead infarct patterns.

EXSC 6138. Pharmacological Considerations for Exercise Testing and Training (3-0-3) This course examines autonomic nervous system (ANS) control of physiological function, drugs that impact ANS function, and the effect of ANS drugs on exercise testing, training, and risk. Similarly, commonly used drugs with different mechanisms of action and over-the-counter drugs will be examined. Students will also be introduced to Advanced Cardiac Life Support drugs, algorithms, and support materials.

EXSC 6139. Exercise Epidemology (3-0-3) This course examines health-related aspects of physical activity, exercise, and fitness from the perspective of epidemiology. Physiological mechanisms underlying the positive effects of physical activity and exercise on risk reduction for disease identified and explored. Behavioral and environmental determinants of physical activity and regular participation in exercise reviewed.

EXSC 6145. Advanced Nutrition for Exercise and Sport (3-0-3) This course will examine nutrition as it relates to optimal training and sports performance. Nutritional recommendations for exercise training, specific supplementation, ergogenic aids, and sport-specific nutritional requirements explored.

EXSC 6225. Fitness for Individuals with Disabilities (2-2-3) This course is designed to provide students with information on working with individuals with disabilities in an exercise and physical activity setting. Disability information, safety concerns, exercise/physical activity modifications, and review of current research regarding individuals with disabilities fitness levels.

EXSC 6775. Seminar in Exercise Science (0-0-3) Prerequisites: EXSC 6119 or 6125. Course will provide an in-depth exploration of various current issues relating to the discipline of Exercise Science.