Core Requirements

EXSC 6118. Advanced Exercise Physiology (3-0-3) Advanced study of acute responses and chronic adaptations to physical activity, exercise, and sport participation. Emphasis on bioenergetics, neuromuscular, and cardiorespiratory function. Limitations to human performance also examined.

EXSC 6119. Research Methods in Human Performance (3-0-3) Course will examine methods of conducting scientific research in fields relating to human performance. Location of information, methods of research, methods of collecting data, application of the computer in analyzing data, and preparation and presentation of a research paper.

EXSC 6125. Readings in Exercise Science (3-0-3) This course is designed to provide an in-depth analysis of selected topics in Exercise Science through the systematic evaluation of current and classic research.

EXSC 6135. Data Analysis (3-0-3) This course is designed to introduce students to data analysis utilizing modern, commercially-available computer software

EXSC 6237. Advanced Exercise Testing and Prescription (2-2-3) This course will provide theoretical and laboratory experiences in health risk appraisal, exercise testing, interpretation of results, and exercise prescription for healthy and clinical populations. ASCM guidelines emphasized.

EXSC 6238. Advanced Measurement and Evaluation in Exercise Science (2-2-3) The course is intended to provide methods in measuring and evaluating physical performance, knowledge, attitudes and associated behaviors in exercise science, coaching, athletic training, and health. Emphasis will be placed on application of physical activity measures and data analysis techniques.