Geology Options

GEOL 3116. Climate and Global Change (3-3-4) Prerequisite: GEOL 1121 or GEOL 1122 or ENVS 1105 or CHEM 1151 or CHEM 1211. This course examines climate and global change from a modern and historical perspective The basic science of the natural controls over both present and past climate, as well as the methods of studying past climates are included. It also addresses concerns over human influences on our present climate and the potential impacts of climate change globally, as well as possible solutions or adaptations. (Course fee required.)

GEOL 5255. Environmental Geology (3-2-4) Prerequisite: GEOL 1121. Examination of human interaction with the geologic environment. Geologic hazards such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, and volcanic eruptions will be considered, as well as resources and waste management, and human impacts on the physical environment. (Course fee required.)