College of Education and Health Professions
Degree Program Course Requirements

For general degree requirements, see the College of Education and Health Professions and
the General Degree Requirements pages.

Master of Education
Early Childhood Education

Area 1 Professional Core Required Hours: 7
EDUF 6115 Educational Psychology: Achievement for Diverse Learners
EDUF 6116 Research Methods and Action Research
EDUF 6795 Seminar: Foundations of Collaborative Student Support

Area 2 Concentration Required Hours: 18
EDEC 6155 Early Childhood in Contemp Society
EDEC 6156 Theories, Concepts, and Applications of Child Development
EDEC 6166 Assessment Methodologies, Instruments, and Procedures in Early Childhood

EDCI 6228 Foundations of Special Education
Select one of the following courses:
EDEC 6115 Literacy Education with Young Children
EDEC 6116 Writing and the Young Child

EDRG 6118 Meth/Mat for Tch Read Early Chdhd (required if not taken at the undergraduate level)
Select one of the following courses:
EDEC 6125 Developing Mathematical Thinking in the Early Childhood Classroom
MAED 6130 Numbers and Problem Solving

Area 3 Electives Required Hours: 11
EDEC 6135 Developing Scientific Thinking in the Early Childhood Classroom
EDEC 6145 Exploring the World with Young Children
EDEC 6159 Imagination, Curiosity, and Creativity in Teaching and Learning
EDEC 6165 Partnerships with Parents/Guardians of Young Children
EDEC 6795 Special Topics in Early Childhood Education
EDMA 6235 Appl in Arithmetic & Algebra for K-5 Teachers
EDMA 6236 Geometry & Measurement for K-5 Teachers
EDMA 6237 Data Analysis & Probability for K-5 Teachers
EDRG 6245 Assessment and Classroom Instruction
EDRG 6756 Classroom Literacy Seminar
EDRG 6148 Psychology of Reading
EDSI 6135 Elem Science & Energy for K-5 Teachers
EDSI 6136 Elem Science & the Environment for K-5 Teachers
EDSI 6137 Contemporary Issues in Science Education for K-5 Teachers

Area 4 Other Requirements Required Hours: 0
EDUF 6000 Exit Exam

Total Required Hours: 36

Note: See advisor for information about all endorsements.