College of Education and Health Professions
Degree Program Course Requirements

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Master of Education
Leadership in Higher Education Track

Area 1 Professional Core Required Hours: 7
EDUF 6115 Educational Psychology: Achievement for Diverse Learners
EDUF 6116 Research Methods and Action Research
EDUF 6795 Seminar: Foundations of Collaborative Student Support

Area 2 Concentration Required Hours: 6
EDUL 6227 Obtaining and Using Resources Wisely (Finance)
EDUL 6275 Public Policy and Ethics in Education

EDUT 7795 Technology Practices for Effective School Management

Area 3 Supervised Practice Required Hours: 23
EDUL 6146 Introduction to Student Affairs
EDUL 6147 Student Development Theory
EDUL 6148 American College Experience
EDUL 6149 Assessment and Program Evaluations
EDUL 6177 History of Higher Education
EDUL 6279 Capstone Experience
EDUL 6698 Internship in Leadership

EDUF 6000 Exit Exam*
*The exit examination is to be evaluated jointly by appropriate CSU faculty and by a designated home-district school leader/mentor.

Total Hours Required: 36