College of Education and Health Professions
Degree Program Course Requirements

For general degree requirements, see the College of Education and Health Professions and
the General Degree Requirements pages.

Master of Education
Health and Physical Education

Area 1 Professional Core Required Hours: 7
EDUF 6115 Educational Psychology: Achievement for Diverse Learners
EDUF 6116 Research Methods and Action Research
EDUF 6795 Seminar: Foundations of Collaborative Student Support

Area 2 Concentration Required Hours: 26-27
Health Education (6-9 Hours):
Select six to nine hours from the following:
HESC 5107 Human Sexuality
HESC 5108 Consumer Health
HESC 5188 Contemporary Health Problems
HESC 5795 Seminar in Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Physical Education (17-21 Hours):
Required Class - 3 hrs
PHED 6116 Analysis of Teaching Behavior in Physical Education
Select three semester hours from the following:
PHED 6215 Physical Education for Children
PHED 6216 Middle Level Physical Education
PHED 6217 Physical Education in Secondary School

Area 3 Additional hours Required Hours: 14-18
PHED 6115 Curriculum Development in Physical Education
PHED 6117 Social Devel in Phys Educ: Working with At-Risk Students
PHED 6118 Legal Issues In Physical Education and Sport

PHED 6119 Assessment in Physical Education
PHED 6135 Teaching P-12 Fitness

PHED 6219 Physical Education for Students with Disabilities
PHED 6226 Funding and Grants
PHED 6515 Selected Topics in Physical Ed

PHED 6795 Contemporary Issues in Physical Education
PHED 6899 Independent Study in Physical Education

HESC, PHED or other approved course

Area 4 Other Requirements Required Hours: 0
EDUF 6000 MEd Exit Exam

Total Hours Required: 36