College of the Arts
Degree Program Course Requirements

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Master of Arts

Graduate Language or Technological Skill Requirement
The department requires reading proficiency in one foreign language as determined by examination or by the completion of 6 semester hours in intermediate and advanced GIS courses (GEOG 3215 and 5215) with a B or better for students focusing on modern history. GEOG 3215 taken for GIS language proficiency can be counted towards the Masters of Arts language proficiency requirement, but does not count for degree credit in the degree program. The student must receive a B or better in these courses and obtain certification from the instructor attesting to their proficiency in GIS for graduate work. Students working on ancient, medieval, or global history will be required to show reading proficiency in the languages of their primary sources if pursuing the thesis option.

Area 1 Core Required Hours: 3
HIST 5195 Historiography

Area 2 Program Electives Required Hours: 18
Select six HIST courses at the 5000-level or above, at least one of which must be at the 6000-level.

Area 3 Electives Thesis Option Required Hours: 15
Any HIST 5000-level or above
Up to two courses 5000-level or above outside of HIST, as approved by graduate coordinator and departmental chair
HIST 6999 Thesis Research and Writing (may be taken twice)

Total hours: 36