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Columbus State University

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EDCI 6159. Integrating Multicultural/Global Studies Throughout the Curriculum (3-0-3) An examination and study of literature, curricula, and psychological issues that recognize and appreciate ethnic differences within an education setting.

EDEC 6155. Early Childhood in a Contemporary Society (3-0-3) Identification, study and discussion of current issues impacting early childhood education. Use of technology to examine, inform, and communicate.

EDMG 6155. Psychology of the Early Adolescent Learner (3-0-3) A focused study of early adolescent development with an emphasis on instructional models that enhance achievement during the middle grades years.

EDUF 6115. Educational Psychology: Achievement for Diverse Learners (3-0-3) The interrelationship between motivation, learning and teaching, including critical thinking skills, with emphasis on application to the needs of diverse learners.

EDUT 6206. Introduction to Instructional Technology (2-2-3) An introductory course in the field of instructional technology and the various roles of technologists, issues relating to computing and technology and the future roles of technology in the society.

SPED 5205. Learning and Behavioral Characteristics of Children with Disabilities, Gifts, and Talents (2-2-3) Includes learning and behavioral characteristics of children with disabilities, gifts, and talents. Laws influencing special education and Georgia's guidelines for identification and alternative educational programs for exceptional children. Field experience required. (Course fee required.)