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Columbus State University

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EDUL 7106. Curriculum Design for School System Improvement (2-2-3) Investigates strategies and procedures for designing and implementing curricula that lead to continuous school system improvement. Focus will be on designing the scope and sequence of the curriculum to fit the appropriate situation. (Course fee required.)

EDUL 7797. Budget Alignment to School System Mission (2-2-3) Financing educational programs and the budgeting process. Focuses on the allocation of funds that promote the school system mission and goals. (Course fee required.)

EDUL 6279. Capstone Experience: Leadership for Improving Student Achievement (2-2-3) Overview of the knowledge, dispositions, and performances needed by all educational leaders to promote increased student achievement and school improvement.

EDUF 6795. Seminar: Foundations of Collaborative Student Support (1-0-1) Seminar designed to enhance understanding of professional educators regarding the interrelated roles of school personnel; a collaborative teaching strategy employed to better prepare teachers, counselors, and leaders for the job of improving student academic success and achievement. (Course fee required.)