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Columbus State University

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SPED 7245. Classroom Integration of Assistive Technology (3-2-4) This course focuses on the seamless integration of assistive technology (AT) into the school environment. Participants will study research-based assistive technology strategies that provide curricular access as well as improve student achievement. In addition, participants will learn how to design and oversee assistive technology implementation plans as well as evaluate their success across a spectrum of school-based environments. Particular attention will be paid to the skills needed to effectively lead a school technology team, set measurable implementation goals for students using AT, as well as train students, teachers, families and other relevant personnel on the use and support of assistive technology. (Course fee required.)

SPED 7135. SAAC: Systems and Support (3-0-3) This course focuses on the provision of appropriate Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) services to students with disabilities within the public schools. Course participants will learn how to create school systems in which such ACC services as assessment, acquisition, and implementation strategies are supported to assure that students are provided meaningful opportunities to learn to use an ACC system. Emphasis will be placed on an understanding of relevant language development, high- and low-technology systems, feature matching, classroom integration, and teacher training to assure that special education leaders have the understanding required to lead an AAC implementation team.

SPED 7275. Assistive Technology and Literacy Support (2-2-3) This course focuses on the use of assistive technology to enhance the literacy outcomes for students with disabilities. Participants will develop an understanding of both low- and high-technology tools and strategies that can support reading, writing, and community literacy for individuals with mild to severe cognitive impairments. Participants will evaluate the research literature to gain a firm understanding of relevant assistive technology as well as universal design for learning strategies that can be utilized at home and in the classroom. (Course fee required.)