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Columbus State University

Art options

ARTS 3020. Digital Arts and Design 2 (0-6-3) Prerequisites: ARTS 2020. This studio art course will build on the content covered in Foundations in Digital Concepts coursework through the further examination of digital technology in contemporary art and design. Students will learn how to create and integrate a range of graphics, text, media, and web based techniques exploring elements of time and space. Students will complete a series of projects using relevant digital platforms with specific attention given to the creation of working in a fine arts context. As a result, students will develop their own ideas in relation to the materials and concepts presented by the instructor, as well as acquire a critical vocabulary and analytical skills through readings, presentations, group and individual critiques.(Course fee required.)

ARTS 4020. Digital Arts and Design: Advanced Methods (0-6-3) Prerequisite: ARTS 3020. This course provides students with the opportunity to propose and develop a self-directed body of artwork using digital platforms. Building on previous work completed using digital media, students will continue to develop their own ideas in relation to elements of time and space. Students are encouraged to work in an interdisciplinary manner and to propose projects that overlap the use of digital media with other art and design forms. Students will meet regularly for critiques, discussions, and specialized technical instruction.