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Columbus State University

Education Math

EDMS 6105. Transition into Teaching (3-1-3) This course is part of the on-line MAT in Math & Sciences. This course will present teaching from a reflective point of view to aide students to transition into teaching from careers other than education, to reflect on personal goals and cognitive attributes and the demands of the teaching profession. Students will become familiar with the world of public education, and in doing so will spend 30 hours in a classroom setting in their content area and grade level in a local area school in order to observe and study study. (Course fee required.)

EDMS 6115. Knowledge of Students (2-2-3) Interrelationships between human development, teaching and learning, including stage theories of development and age characteristics of learners, and understanding diversity and socioeconomic differences. Meets PSC requirement for teaching children with special needs. Requires 60 hours of field experience. (Course fee required.)

EDMS 6272. Classroom Management (2-2-3) Prerequisite: Admission to Online MAT in Math and Science program. Students will examine major theoretical and empirical approaches to establish learning environments that encourage positive social interaction and active engagement in learning as well as promote self-motivation. Field experiences are included in this course.