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Columbus State University

Exercise Science options

EXSC 4331. Basic Exercise Physiology Lab (0-2-1) Laboratory experiences designed to reinforce lecture in EXSC 4131. (Course fee required.)

EXSC 4698. Internship (0-{6-12}-{6-12}) Prerequisites: Senior standing and prior departmental approval. Senior standing and prior program or departmental approval. Supervised field experiences in approved agencies. Students will work in a professional setting to expand experience, knowledge, and skills in the field of exercise science. (S/U grading.)

EXSC 4899. Independent Study ({1-3}-0-{1-3}) Requires senior standing and departmental approval. Course project in a selected area of Exercise Science approved and supervised by a faculty member. May be taken twice for credit.

EXSC 5135. Program Design in Exercise Science (3-0-3) Planning, implementing and evaluating programs in exercise science.

EXSC 5545. Selected Topics in Exercise Science (3-0-3) Prerequisite: Departmental approval. Selected topics in exercise science. May be taken twice for credit.