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Columbus State University

Geology options

GEOL 1122. Introductory Geo-sciences 2: Historical Geology (3-0-3) Prerequisite: GEOL 1121 recommended as prerequisite or co-requisite. This course covers geologic time, sedimentary environments, fossils, and Earth history. (Course fee required.)

GEOL 1322. Introductory Geo-sciences 2: Historical Geology Lab (0-2-1) Prerequisite: GEOL 1122. Laboratory exercises in the topics of GEOL 1122: techniques for determining relative and absolute ages; identification of fossils; correlating sedimentary rocks, determining paleoenvironments and paleogeography. (Course fee required.)

GEOL 2225. The Fossil Record (3-2-4) A survey of the history of life known from the fossil record. Includes principles of paleontology, evolutionary theory, and mass extinction. Field trips other than class time will be scheduled. (Course fee required.)