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Columbus State University

Theatre options

THEA 4698. Internship (0-0-{1-6}) Prerequisite: Consent of Department chair. This course is designed to allow the student to gain hands-on field experience working with approved non-academic theatre companies and/or organizations. Supervision is provided by a Theatre Arts faculty member and a representative from the cooperating agency. The student must make arrangements with the faculty member and the cooperating company and get permission from the department chair prior to registering for the course. May be taken twice for credit. (S/U grading.) (Course fee required.)

THEA 5305. Summer Theatre Production (0-5-1) Prerequisite: 1 Credit Hour in any of the Fundamentals courses (1166, 1167, 1168) or Permission of the Instructor. Practical experience in design and/or production in CSU's Riverside Summer Theatre. (Course Fee Required)

THEA 5306. Summer Theatre Performance (0-5-1) Prerequisite: THEA 1245 with a grade of C or better. Practical experience in acting and/or directing in CSU's Riverside Summer Theatre. (Course Fee Required)