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Columbus State University

Master of Science Applied Computer Science

D. Abbott Turner College of Business
Degree Program Course Requirements

For general degree requirements, see the D. Abbott Tuner College of Business and
the General Degree Requirements pages.

The Master of Science in Applied Computer Science program requires students to complete 36 hours of computer science coursework and an exit course, CPSC 6000. 15 hours of this coursework must be taken from Area 1 Program Core. For the remaining 24 hours, the student may elect to concentrate in one of the areas listed in Area 2 Program Concentration or select 24 semester hours in CPSC graduate courses. If the student chooses the latter, CPSC 6698 - Graduate Internship in Computer Science, CPSC 6899 - Independent Study, and CPSC 6985 - Research and Thesis may each be repeated once; CPSC 6555 - Selected Topics in Computer Science may be repeated multiple times. All students must complete Area 3 Graduate Exit Examination which includes an exit survey and comprehensive exam.

Area 1 Program Core Required Hours: 15
(Take five courses, at least one from each group.)

Group A: Information Assurance (Must select at least one):
CPSC 5115 Algorithm Analysis and Design
CPSC 6119 Object-Oriented Development
CPSC 6129 Advanced Programming Languages
CPSC 6138 Mobile Systems and Applications

Group B: Software Development (Must select at least one):
CPSC 6125 Advanced Operating Systems *
CPSC 6155 Advanced Computer Architecture 
CPSC 6157 Network Management *

Group C: Modeling and Simulation (Must select at least one):
CPSC 6107 Survey of Modeling and Simulation **
CPSC 6126 Information Systems Assurance
CPSC 6127 Contemporary Issues in Database Management Systems
CPSC 6185 Intelligent Systems **

* Required for Information Assurance Concentration
** Required for Modeling & Simulation Concentration 

Area 2 Program Concentration Required Hours: 12

A. Information Assurance
Four courses (12 semester hours), taken from the following: 

CPSC 6126 Information Systems Assurance
CPSC 6128 Network Security
CPSC 6136 Advanced System Security
CPSC 6159 Computer Forensics
CPSC 6167 Network Risk Assessment
CPSC 6178 Software Testing and Quality Assurance

B. Software Development
Four courses (12 semester hours) in the Software Development area, taken from the following:

CPSC 6118 Human-Computer Interface Development
CPSC 6119 Object-Oriented Development
CPSC 6137 Distributed Software Architecture and Design
CPSC 6166 Distributed Enterprise Software Development
CPSC 6175 Web Site Development and Technologies
CPSC 6176 Enterprise Web Application Development
CPSC 6177 Advanced Software Design
CPSC 6178 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
CPSC 6179 Software Project Planning and Management

C. Modeling and Simulation
Four courses (12 semester hours) in the Modeling and Simulation area, taken from the following (must include CPSC 6142):

CPSC 5125 – Computer Graphics
CPSC 6118 – Human-Computer Interface Development
CPSC 6142 – System Simulation
CPSC 6143 – Simulation Project
CPSC 6147 – Computer Visualization
CPSC 6148 – Simulation and Gaming

Area 3: Program Electives Required Hours: 9

Three additional courses (9 semester hours) for graduate credit. Students taking the thesis option must take one elective and take CPSC 6985 at least twice.

CPSC 6105 and CPSC 6106 cannot be used as program electives.

Area 3 Graduate Exit Examination

In addition to the above, students must successfully complete CPSC 6000. Successfully completing CPSC 6000 will require the student to complete an exit survey and a comprehensive exam.


Total Required Hours: 36