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Columbus State University

Specialist in Education Middle Grades Education

College of Education and Health Professions
Degree Program Course Requirements

For general degree requirements, see the College of Education and Health Professions and
the General Degree Requirements pages.

Area 1 Professional Studies Required Hours: 11
EDUF 7115 Psychology of Teaching
EDUF 7117 Quantitative Research
EDUF 7118 Qualitative Research

EDCI 7359 Specialist Project

Area 2 Content Studies Required Hours: 15
Select concentration studies from the following as approved by advisor. At least 3 hours must be at the 7000 level.
EDCI 7115 K-12 Curriculum Studies: English Language Arts
ENGL/EDSE/EDRG (6000 level or above)
EDMG 7125 Issues in Mathematics Education in Middle Grades
EDEC 7126 Issues in Mathematics Education in Early Childhood
MATH, EDCI math, EDMG math, or EDSE math (5000 level or above)
EDSE 7135 Curriculum Studies in Secondary Science Education
EDMG science courses
BIOL/CHEM/GEOL/PHYS (5000 level or above)
Social Studies
EDSE 7145 Curriculum Studies in Social Science Education
HIST/POLS/ECON (5000 level or above)
EDRG 6148 Psychology of Reading
EDRG 6245 Assessment and Classroom Instruction
EDRG 6756 Classroom Literacy Seminar
EDRG 6116 Integrating Literacy Strategies in the Middle Grades

(Completion of these courses satisfies requirements for PSC Reading Endorsement.)

For other possible concentration areas (ESOL Path, Instructional Technology, Gifted Endorsement) see coordinator of program of interest.

Area 3 Electives Required Hours: 4

Total Hours Required: 30*

*If an individual does not hold a Middle Grades Certificate, EDRG 6116 and EDMG 6155 must be completed as part of the program of study and evidence presented of field experience in grades 4-8. More than 30 total program hours may be required in order to fulfill this and certain special education concentration area/endorsement requirements.