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Columbus State University

Academic Center for Tutoring

The Academic Center for Tutoring's (ACT) primary mission is to support Columbus State University's vision, mission, and priorities by facilitating students' ongoing development as independent learners and critical thinkers and by helping them build their confidence, knowledge, and skills in their core courses, in humanities and social science courses, math, science, writing and in other professional and academic situations.

Humanities and Social Sciences

The primary tutoring focus is for core classes in these areas. The subject tutors will create an inviting learning environment, model learning methods, allow student clients to practice learning skills, and nurture ongoing and emerging skills. To become subject tutors for ACT, candidates must receive a faculty recommendation; submit a statement of purpose; receive an invitation from the ACT Director to interview; interview with the ACT Director; and receive an offer from the Director to join the staff.

Math and Science 

is a community resource dedicated to enhancing the learning of math and science through curriculum development and best-practices training for college faculty as well as in-service and pre-service K-12 teachers. The Center also provides student tutoring and tutor training.

The Learning Center is a unique destination in our region for those interested in the teaching and learning of science and math. The Center seeks to support learning at all age levels, understanding that one of the largest sectors of job growth in the U.S. is projected to be in scientific, mathematical and technical fields.

The Math & Science Learning Center (MSLC) offers many services to the CSU community, area schools, and the region. The MSLC:

  • Offers tutoring services in core math and science classes, and similar coursework for education majors
  • Is a venue for professional development activities using model lab demonstrations, current technology and hands-on techniques
  • Can act as a research laboratory focused on observing how math and science are learned
  • Contains a library of pedagogical and scholarship resources

Staff at the MSLC are involved in many projects. They assist with the coordination of events for regional schools, including the Columbus Regional Science & Engineering Fair and the Science Olympiad Regional Tournament at CSU.

Student Resources

  • A small computer lab.
  • Math and science course textbooks (available to use for tutoring and studying at the MSLC). These have been generously donated by CSU faculty.
  • A set of GACE (Georgia Teachers Certification Exam) study guides are also available for science and math subjects.
  • Graphing calculators may be borrowed for free for a class or test if students leave a form of I.D. with staff.

Faculty/Teacher Resources

A collection of faculty development books is available for loan. Topics include:

  • improving teaching strategies
  • inquiry-based learning
  • incorporating hands-on activities into the classroom

The MSLC has smart classroom facilities for workshops and presentations, chemical lab benches and other lab equipment for K-12 teacher training events. Molecular models, rock collections, and math equipment can also be borrowed to enhance classes.


The University Writing Center (UWC) is a free service to all enrolled Columbus State University students. The UWC's primary mission is to help students succeed at writing in their core English courses and courses across the curriculum. The UWC's secondary mission is to contribute to efforts that support a culture of writing at CSU.

Formally trained peer consultants achieve this mission by providing assistance to writers of all levels, abilities, and disciplines. The consultants work to empower student writers by helping them understand assignments; generate ideas; focus, organize, and develop drafts; document sources to avoid plagiarism; and edit for usage and punctuation errors.

Besides consulting with students about writing assignments, consultants will also help students prepare for writing that is relevant to their professional lives, such as scholarship essays, personal statements, and grants. Additional services that contribute to students' academic excellence and life-long learning include eConsultations, class-based mini-lessons, and consultations with writing review groups.


For more information about services, locations, and hours, visit the Web site at or call 706-568-2483.