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Columbus State University

Department of Communication

The Department of Communication emphasizes putting the principles of best practice to work in “real world” learning environments. Students learn the fundamentals of their discipline in the classroom, but what sets this program apart from others is its emphasis on student application of material in practical projects before leaving the classroom. In several classes, students will have the opportunity to work on class projects and in applied internships where they will be able to reinforce the lessons learned in class by putting them into practice with local nonprofit or public sector organizations. One benefit is that our students evolve into civically engaged citizens through the experience of learning how to solve the problems in their community in class. The other benefit of this approach is that our students graduate with professional-grade portfolios, making them competitive in the marketplace.


The Department of Communication offers the following degrees:

Associate of Arts (A.A.)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Communications (Communication Studies Track)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Communications (Integrated Media Track)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Communications (Public Relations Track)