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Columbus State University

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ANTH 1105. Cultural Anthropology (3-0-3) A comparative, descriptive, non-technical study of non-literate folk societies. Topics include: basic institutions; value systems; the nature of culture, its content, patterns and changes; the impact of the cultural milieu on socialization and personality development.

ENGL 2135. Multicultural Literature (3-0-3) Prerequisite: ENGL 1102. Comparative study of literature from many cultures with emphasis on literary elements within cultural context.

ITDS 1145. Comparative Arts (3-0-3) An introduction to the arts with emphasis on common elements, parallel dimensions, and aesthetic perception and response. (Course fee required.)

ITDS 2107. Modern Latin America (3-0-3) Designed to introduce students to contemporary Latin America through a broad-ranging examination of the region's recent history, economy, politics, and culture.

PHIL 2010. Introduction to Philosophy (3-0-3) An introduction to the ideas of several philosophers on topics such as human reason, knowledge, justice, happiness, religion, and morality examined in their historical settings and for their impact on western civilization.