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Columbus State University

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ARTH 1100. Art Appreciation (3-0-3) A survey of art throughout the ages. Students develop abilities to comprehend and evaluate concepts and issues pertaining to cultural heritage as embodied in the visual arts. (Course fee required.)

ITDS 1145. Comparative Arts (3-0-3) An introduction to the arts with emphasis on common elements, parallel dimensions, and aesthetic perception and response. (Course fee required.)

MUSC 1100. Music Appreciation (3-0-3) The elements of music as revealed through study of Western art music, American vernacular music, and non-Western music. Consideration of the role of music and the musician in society, both past and present is covered. (Course fee required.)

THEA 1100. Theatre Appreciation (3-0-3) A general course in the appreciation of theatre. The use of films, guest lectures, demonstrations, and discussions of theatre of all periods may be included. (Course fee required.)