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Columbus State University

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ARTS 1010. Drawing 1: Fundamentals of Drawing (0-6-3) Drawing 1 is an introductory study of the fundamental concepts of drawing including line, shape, value, form, space, and perspective. Compositional organization will be explored through black and white media with an emphasis on observational drawing practices. (Course fee required.)

ARTS 1020. Introduction to Digital Design (0-6-3) Introduction to Digital Design is an introductory course structured to acquaint the beginning student with the basic visual concepts of art. Series of exercises and applied problems in visual organization; study includes line, texture, shape, size, space and color theory. Students will also apply critical & creative thinking to studio problems in order to increase their visual vocabulary through experimentation. These fundamental studio experiments are the visual groundwork for the student's critical, analytical, and perceptual skills. Students will gain an understanding of how computer software relates to generating and manipulating images; and will be required to gain a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator (Course fee required.)

ARTS 1030. Three Dimensional Design (0-6-3) A further investigation of design principles extending into the area of three-dimensional design. (Course fee required.)