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ASTR 1105. Descriptive Astronomy: The Solar System (3-0-3) History of astronomy, structure of the solar system, formation of the sun and planetary bodies, moons, comets, asteroids, and meteors. (Course fee required.)

ASTR 1106. Descriptive Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies (3-0-3) ASTR 1105 recommended as a prerequisite or co-requisite. The sun, stars and stellar evolution, black holes, nebulae and interstellar dust, galaxies, quasars, and cosmology. (Course fee required.)

ASTR 3105. Physics, Chemistry, and Geology of the Solar System (3-0-3) Prerequisites: ASTR 1105 with a grade of "C" or better. Application of the laws of physics and the principles of chemistry to the solar system with special attention to the processes at work on and within planets and their satellites.

ASTR 3115. Introduction to Astrophysics (3-0-3) Prerequisites: ASTR 1105 and 1106, PHYS 1111 or 2111, and MATH 1131. Application of the laws of physics to the interpretation of astronomical observations, including general physical principles (celestial mechanics, light and telescopes), and the properties of stars, planets, galaxies, and the universe.

ASTR 3205. Observational Techniques for Astrophysics (3-2-4) Prerequisites: ASTR 1305, PHYS 1111 or 2211, and MATH 1131. Lecture and laboratory in observational techniques for astronomy, including the use of telescopes, observational instruments, and computers. (Course fee required.) .

ASTR 5105. Life Beyond Earth (3-0-3) Prerequisites: MATH 1113 and one of the following: GEOL 1121/1122 or ASTR 1105/1106 or BIOL 1125 or CHEM 1211/1212 or PHYS 1111/1112 or ENVS 1105. The course will include understanding life on Earth, evaluating where in the solar system, and beyond life could possibly exist, ongoing searches for intelligent life, living in space, implications of discovering extra-terrestrial life.

ENGR 2116. Circuit Analysis (3-0-3) Prerequisites: MATH 3107, PHYS 2212, PHYS 2312 and ENGR 2015. DC and AC circuits. Two-ports and multi terminal networks. Time domain analysis. Laplace transform.

ENGR 2117. Circuits and Electronics (3-0-3) Prerequisites: PHYS 2212 and MATH 1132. An introduction to electric circuits and electronic devices; both analog and digital systems are considered.

ENGR 2165. Thermodynamics (3-0-3) Prerequisite: MATH 1132. Fundamentals of thermodynamics, pure substance, conservation of energy, the second law of thermodynamics, multi phase mixtures.

ENGR 2316. Instrumentation and Electronics Lab (0-3-1) Prerequisite: ENGR 2116. Techniques of electrical and electronic measurements with laboratory instruments. Basic analog and digital circuits. (Course fee required.)

ISCI 5555. Contemporary Topics in Science (3-0-3) Prerequisites: ISCI 2001, ISCI 2002 with grades of C or better. This course is designed to engage students in the study of contemporary issues in science through examination of evidence and formulation of scientific argument. Through engagement in the habits of mind of scientific inquiry, students will develop content knowledge and understanding of the interrelationships of pure and applied sciences and technology.

PHYS 1325. Physics of Color and Sound Lab (0-2-1) Corequisite: PHYS 1125. Laboratory course to accompany Physics of Color and Sound. Individual laboratory experiments, demonstrations, and discussions relating to acoustics and optics. (Course fee required.)